Costa Rica vs. Surinam Futbol Game

Published: October 8th 2008
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Since it was a Saturday, our family let us sleep in. We had breakfast around 8:30am, and this time it consited of a fruit bowl and an omlet with lots of vegetables. It was muy rico! Rico is a very common word used in Costa Rica, it means rich. They use it a lot when describing food, landscapes, and so on.

Our mom made “Puppy Chow” after breakfast. Puppy chow is a combination of nuts and corn flakes (suppose to be chex mix, but apparently they don’t sell that here) coated in peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar. It was delicious and very addicting! We spent a good hour sitting at our dining room table talking and eating puppy chow. It was great.

Later in the day our mama drove us to a place to buy tickets for the futbol game at night. While we were driving, I noticed that all around town people were wearing their Costa Rica national jerseys and selling Costa Rica flags, it was intense. We bought tickets at the Banco de National, and we had to go through some intense security door. Where we step through a screen that they close behind you and open in front of you. It was kind of cool. Once we got inside, I was taking pictures of my little brother jamming out on Josiah's I-Pod, and during the process the security guard told me that it is prohibited for anyone to take pictures in the bank. I thought that was very interesting. As we were leaving the bank, we got a free t-shirt and hat. It was cool.

Once we got back home, rain started rolling in and there were very loud thunderstorms. During that time, our mama gave Katie and I haircuts. I just wanted my bangs cut, but she ended up cutting about two inches off. I haven't decided how I feel about it... it will grow back eventually.

After dinner, Katie, Josiah, Alex, my host parents, Andres, and I went to a National Costa Rica vs. Surinam futbol game. We had to take a bus from Heredia to San Jose. Once we got to the stadium, there were tons of street vendors trying to sell stuff, I was tempted to buy a t-shirt but the rest of the group seemed like they were in a rush to get inside, so I decided not
The GirlsThe GirlsThe Girls

Our new haircuts!
to. It was crazy seeing the amount of police surrounding the stadium, a lot of them were on horses. At the entrance of the stadium, security guards had to pat us down to make sure we didn't have any alcohol or weapons (including batteries because you can throw them at people). Katie had to throw her rechargeable batteries in the garbage. Once we got in the stadium, we sat behind the goal post with a lot of other Costa Rican fans. There was a small band with drums and trumpets that sat right next to us. Every time we scored everyone would cheer, jump up and down, and shout "OLEY OLEY OLEY OLEY TICOOO TICOOO" at least five times over. In the end, Costa Rica won 7-0, but I still had a blast and I can’t wait until the qualifying games start.

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