Mmm rice and beans

Published: August 23rd 2007
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Me again.

I've been in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, for a couple of days now, and I think 2 days is more than enough! As my guidebook says, nobody falls in love with San Jose, it´s just a convenient stopping-off point for the rest of the country.

It's a busy little city, with lots of traffic and noise, street traders selling things from umbrellas to spiderman masks, each shouting out their sales patter one after the other, buskers who can barely sing or play an instrument, and lots of people shoving leaflets into your hand as you walk past them. It's also quite an easy city to get lost in, as few of the streets have signs on them so you have to walk a few blocks to actually figure out where you are. I've got my bearings now though.

On the plus side, it's clean, friendly, there are lots of cafes and parks, some nice old colonial buildings, and it looks to be situated in a lovely location, surrounded by mountains and volcanos which can be glimpsed in the distance between buildings. Also, and I hope I'm not speaking too soon here, it seems fairly safe and there are no mozzies around.

Unfortunately, it's the rainy season at the moment which means the day begins brightly enough (today was glorious sunshine) but around midday the sky turns black and the heavens open for a couple of hours, accompanied by thunder and lightning. Then it brightens up again for a couple of hours before repeating the process. There's not much to do in the rain other than sit in a cafe watching the world go by, which happens to be one of my favourite pastimes. It makes a change from Starbucks in Reading. Actually, there are a couple of museums I should probably visit, but to be honest, exhibitions of jade and gold statues don't really appeal to me.

I´m trying to sample as much local food as possible during my trip, which in Costa Rica means beans and rice, and lots of it. Breakfast is beans and rice with scrambled eggs, lunch is beans and rice with meat or fish. I haven´t had any evening meals yet but I suspect it may contain beans and rice. It's actually very tasty, filling and cheap, although it may get a bit boring after a few days.

My first group tour begins tomorrow, although the first day is actually set aside for everyone to get to San Jose, so I may have another day of wandering around. At least I'll get to meet the group and hopefully go out for a drink. I can´t wait to get to the Caribbean coast on Saturday, where rainforests and reefs await me.

One last thing, which will be of no interest to most people reading this apart from the few Marillion fans. I was sat in a bar round the corner to my hotel last night, and they played Kayleigh! It doesn´t take much to get us excited!

Speak soon (hopefully with some photos)



24th August 2007

David - we are all jealous of your fabu trip - you write so well, it feels like we are there with you. A quick tip - you might want to tuck your pants into your socks when hiking the rainforest... it keeps leeches and other nasties off of you. I cannot wait to hear your next blog! Enjoy.
24th August 2007

Rice n Beans :)
Its so nice to hear abt ur keep all of us updated. Take care and stay safe.
24th August 2007

Does whatever a spider can...
...looking forward to the pictures of you wearing your spiderman mask whilst dancing on the bar table to Kayleigh... underneath your umbrella... ella... ella.... must have been a good night... hope you were wearing more than just the spiderman mask though... it would be a bit soon to get deported just yet!
24th August 2007

Just an excuse!
Dave, Don't think for one minute that I believe you have gone off on a year long travel adventure across the other side of the planet enjoying country to country when really you are on a secret mission for all us Marillion fans to find the ultimate gig location ;)! Glad you made it safe and sound to your first of many destinations, stay safe and enjoy. BTW: - Any ultimate sites found yet? ;)!!
25th August 2007

mm rice & beans
why is it always kayleigh ? thank you for the blog, i think what you are doing is brilliant, wish i'd done it years ago b4 children etc At the next Marillion convention we'll have some rice and beans on stand by in case you have a craving, take care Gareth
27th August 2007

Your adventure begins! My sympathy to all your bystanders and travellin companions. Enjoy the jungle!

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