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Published: February 13th 2014
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Me bt Rio Celeste

I'm Ivana and I love traveling, surprised? Naah I wouldn't think so.

Anyway, I am currently in Central America, specifically Costa Rica. I've been here since September 2013, trying to learn Spanish, trying to do a good internship, trying to enjoy this country. The latter has definately been the easiest (and most exciting). I just found this place which made me happy (and feel stupid at the same time. Why haven't I found this earlier!?)

As stated above, I've been a residence of Cost Rica since september and even though San Jose is a superbooooring city, the rest of the country is beautiful! So much nature and beauty, wow. My fav place is Rio Celeste, it's pure magic. The beaches are nice but I am not amazed by them, there are by far more beautiful beaches in the world, and even in this region (read PANAMA). All and all I would say that I am happy with my stay in Costa Rica, however, I would not want to live here any longer. There are many things I miss in CR, things related to culture such as cooler museums and artsy fartsy things. 😊




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