Half-way point

Published: October 21st 2012
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I was planning on posting this last week but the internet was out for two days! So here it is....And another post about this weekend will be coming soon 😊

My friend told me that the other day was the half-way point of the semester – wow! It seems like I have been here longer. I think that the rest of the program is going to go by very quickly though. This week, and the week before here in San Jose flew by.

I don’t know if it is because people realized that it’s about the halfway point of the program, but nobody wanted to be in class this week. It seems like more people are getting homesick. One of my friends really likes to sail and he is missing the America’s Cup in San Francisco. Most people are from the east coast and are missing autumn. Apparently there are a lot of activities during this season in that region. Like apple picking (?), hayrides, apple cider, pumpkin patches, etc. I am missing home too, but I am also really excited for all the things I still have to do here! But by the time December 11th rolls around, I will be ready to see California. And my familia J

We watched the presidential debate the other night. The family I am staying with has American cable and we were able to watch it in English on CNN! Carolina, the student from Germany who is also staying at the same house, was interested in watching it too. It was very interesting to watch it with her. After hearing what she said about German politics, I realized (even more than before) how ridiculous American politics can be. Like the entire hour before the debate. The “political analysts” discussed very important and pressing topics concerning our nation (sarcasm). Like, ohmygod, the First Lady and Mrs. Romney are both wearing pink!!! Or, before every debate Romney and his family play cards and then pray – how sweet!!! Or, here are twenty pictures of the president and first lady together – aren’t they such an adorable couple??!!! And there kids are so cute! Seriously – an entire hour of this before the debate. WTF. Carolina said she doesn’t even know if the president of Germany is married or has kids. Anyway, I’m glad I got the chance to watch it, because I am planning on voting tomorrow!

On to more interesting things – this weekend I am going to go to Montezuma! It’s a really cool beach town on the Pacific side. I think there is only a group of 5 or so going. The rest of our OTS people are going to Arenal, the volcano. Some people are doing a day trip, and others are going for the whole weekend. I am hoping to visit a volcano over the midterm break. I have heard that this time of year (the rainy season) isn’t a great time to visit volcanoes because there is always a lot of rain and lots of clouds. It’s best to go reeealllly early in the morning. So I instead decided to go back to the Pacific. Because I love it so much. In Montezuma you can also hike to waterfalls, and take a boat to a nearby island. Should be fun. We are planning on leaving Friday morning and coming back Sunday afternoon. For school, we have a research project due Monday, so we want to have some time here to work on that.

The internet here at the house has been out Wednesday and Thursday. Apparently a bird crashed into the telephone pole or something….? Anyway, it had kind of been a pain, and hopefully it will keep working for the rest of the time I am here.


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