La primera fin de semana!

Published: October 11th 2012
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Well I have my first real weekend starting tomorrow! I am off to Manuel Antonio National Park with about 12 other people from the OTS group. I’m a little bummed because initially I wanted to go to Tamarindo, a beach town on the Nicoya Peninsula in the northwest. But, this morning there was an earthquake there, and they are apparently anticipating aftershocks. So the school didn’t want us to go. I didn’t feel the earthquake this morning but other people in the house did.

Today in class we learned about some problems that Costa Rica has, a major one being traffic. I learned that certain cars, for example with license plates that end in a 2 or 3, can’t drive between 6am and 8am during the week to San Jose. I’m not sure if this is really making a difference because it seems like there are SO many cars ALL the time. And pedestrians don’t ever have the right of way. I think I have come across one crosswalk in the city so far. But don’t worry, I always walk in a group and look both ways before I cross the street! There are also very few traffic lights or stop signs. I haven’t figured out how people decide who has the right of way, but I have heard whoever honks first, or whoever has the bigger vehicle gets to go first. Go figure.

I’m not sure which hostel we are staying at yet, there are a lot to choose from because it is a popular place to go! The next time I post here I'm sure I will have many new stories and pictures to share!

Hasta domingo!


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