Published: February 1st 2012
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So here we are at 4am at the Portland airport with two huge backpacks ready to depart.

It was a pretty nice smooth flight until we started the boarding in Houston. Everyone was required to check their boarding pass and passport to make sure they were legit. Apparently, and from my previous experiences in flying to Madrid and London in 2009, I was not legit enough to fly to Costa Rica.

I was so excited about my one-way ticket and what a good deal I got back in April that it didn’t cross my mind that ticos might question my willingness to leave their country. As it appeared, that I had to have a return ticket back home. And I learned that at 5:47pm, 12 minutes before the take-off.

What could I do? Not to fly? NOOOO! I grabbed my passport and rushed to the closest customer service. With a few flirting looks and fraises I made two men to get me in front of the line.

“I just need something to get me from Costa Rica and I need it quick because my plane is about to leave” The lady at the counter didn’t seem to get it and started asking me questions about the date and place. I really didn’t care at that point and just took the first offer that cost me $540. Oucchhhh…… but I guess it’s just money and the police officer two months ago was nice enough to dismiss $560 of my traffic tickets. So here I am paying it back.

On the flight to San Jose I slept all the way through. Upon arriving to San Jose I told the lady at the border that I want to stay for 90 days which is the max you can do (as I thought). She wasn’t very supportive and said that 30days is all she can stamp my passport for. I guess it will be a good reason to leave for Cuba and come back.

WOW! What a viaje but como se dice: bien está lo que bien acaba

LA Gringa made it to Costa Rica!

And… Catalina is the nicest lady ever and I have the cutest room and the cutest casa.


2nd February 2012

я рада что ты добралась более-менее благополучно. Пока будишь учить части света и как по ним ориентироватсмя, рекомендую купить компас. Пожалуста не ходи по опасным кварталам. Много не тануцй. Будь прилежной ученицей. Очень люблю. Сильно скучаю. Целую. Мама.
3rd February 2012

Я тебя тоже люблю. Целую крепро. Про компас я подумаю.

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