Ziplining and how I almost didn't get to Nicaragua

Published: August 3rd 2017
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My last morning in Manuel Antonio was nice. I went and did a zipcoaster through the jungle, it was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life! Zooming past monkeys high up in the trees, holding on for dear life!

My bus back to San José (the capital, where I left the majority of my stuff at Maria's house) was at 5pm and hostel check out was 12pm. Luckily the bus stop was right next to... THE BEACH! Best bus stop EVER. So spent the afternoon swimming and sunbathing.

When I got to San José I had to get across the city by myself and find a public bus back to Maria's house in Santa Ana, in the suburbs. I smashed it! I don't think I would survive here without my Spanish - I have so much respect for the tourists and backpackers who come here with no Spanish! Or maybe pity as they probably end up paying more because I always haggle everything down haha! It's not like Spain where most people have a grasp of English.

My bus to Nica was this morning at 7:30am. I had booked a ticket from "Liberia" because I saw there was a bus terminal in San José called Liberia. I then realised around 5am when I got up that Liberia is actually a city 100km from here. Damn!!!!!

I raced into San José (cheated and got an Uber, was too stressed for anything else), practising my sob story on the way. They were great and immediately changed my ticket. THANK GOD. So now I am on this lovely coach with free WiFi looking at views of volcanoes.

My Swiss friend that I met in Panama, Fabian, has also decided to travel with me in Nicaragua this week, postponing his trip to Colombia. It will be good to have company for a whole week. Although I love travelling alone because that's how I like backpacking, and I always make loads of friends en route, it can get lonely at times.

See you all the other side in Nicaragua!

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7th August 2017

Loving the update
We are super glad you are having such a lovely time, and also that your pal Fabian is joining you! The zip wire certainly looked like an experience!!! Cant wait to hear more about it! Love Fanny & Fanny. PS; How's the nail varnish holding up!?

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