Day 11: Monteverde to San Jose – A day at the beach!

Published: July 25th 2017
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We waved goodbye to Monteverde, as we headed towards San Jose this morning. On the way, Fabian spotted a cashew tree and asked the driver to stop. He picked a cashew fruit off the tree to illustrate why cashews are so expensive. Each cashew fruit contains only one cashew nut. You must pick multiple fruits to get a bunch of cashews. Cashews must be roasted; in their raw form then are poisonous. The cashew fruit is edible but their stains are impossible to remove from clothes.

When we arrived at Puntarenas beach, it was early afternoon and incredibly hot. Fabian booked at room at Puntarenas Beach Hotel, so the group had a choice to either head over to the beach or to stay at the hotel pool. Renata and I decided to head over to the beach. The sand was so hot that I had to run to the water to prevent my feet from burning. We had a delicious lunch at the Puntarenas Beach Hotel and then headed back on our way to San Jose.

Our last group dinner, was held at Mirador Restaurant, high up on a cliff in San Jose. We had a great view of the Central Valley and the city below. We also met up with Leo, our previous VIDA coordinator and his daughter at the restaurant. It was a typical buffet meal with a great traditional dancing show at the end.

Tomorrow, everyone is off to do their own things. Most of the Mac-Serve group is heading over to Tortuguero, while others are wandering around San Jose. Renata and I are heading to Irazu Volcano and Cartago. We will have enough time in the afternoon to explore San Jose.

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