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Published: December 11th 2010
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So the day started with a 5 am alarm to get up and head for breakfast. It was great as usual. Then it was off for a ride to the airport to catch a 7:50 am flight to Lima. The kids managed to finish counting dogs along the streets of Cusco and ended with 534 dogs in total...and I am sure that was not all of them.

But then it came....the day we dreaded, the day of travel headaches.......it was supposed to go smooth...flight to Lima arriving at 9:15, then connect to Costa Rica at 10:45 arriving at 1:30 in San Jose....good- yes?
Well not so good.....we ended up not being able to catch our connecting flight- and were at risk of heading back to Canada (will fill you all in when we get back), needless to say, there were lots of tears !!!! But finally after 3 hours we managed to get a flight to Costa Rica at 4 pm. Still stressed out but we hung out in the airport, ate crappy food and drained all our electronics! Flight was smooth and we finally arrived in San Jose at 7pm ( only 6 hours later than planned) in the dark, hungry and tired. We found our driver, finally and he informed us that our hotel was a mere 3 hour drive away! Kids were devastated, as was I. However, we managed to keep them entertained and then got some of them to sleep while we drove the windy roads of Costa Rica. The kids were amazing through out the day but we were starting to ware and Hayden was feeling car sick. We finally arrived around 11 pm to our Villa and WOW!.....even in the dark it looked amazing!
Few more hiccups before the night was thru.... kids were all tired and headed into the room....as we were looking around a light bulb burst all over the floor while another started to smoke- doesn't seem good.....as the guys went to clean it up, Hayden's car sickness got the best of him! yuck- he sounds worse than Sean!
We all crashed into bed as we had an early morning excursion at 7 am to the rainforest.....

Pura Vida!!!!

Pictures tomorrow!


11th December 2010

What an adventure ........ hope things are going more smoothly today! A trip you will always remember ! Cindy .......that looked more like a meal ?? Hayden is taking after his Dad .......as long as they don,t do it at the same time . :) You guys will enjoy a day relaxing by the ocean ........or pool ! Love Mom & Dad .

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