Orientation Day

Published: January 28th 2010
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Another day in San Jose! We went over to San Pedro for orientation today, lasted until about 3 pm. We had lunch outside picnic style and then headed back to the hotel after getting Visa stuff worked out. Sometimes I forget that I'm not just in South LA until I see a street sign in Spanish or a tropical tree in a park. After returning to the hotel we sat in the hot tub for an hour, worked on my research proposal, and chilled. Dinner at 6...rice, beans, and veggies 😊 . I'm really having a great time here, the people are wonderful! Looking forward to Las Cruces tomorrow, just a 7 hour bus ride away!


28th January 2010

rice and beans, rice and beans, rice and beans......
So - how many times have you had rice and beans so far? Isn't it great food for a vegan? I love eating in Costa Rica. Guess we won't hear from you for awhile? going 7 hrs into the boonies... Say hello to the iguanas for me. love, Tall J

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