Que será será

Published: February 21st 2018
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As though I haven't learned the lesson enough times- the Universe reminded me again that I should really stop planning my travels so much.

I had just sent my detailed itinerary to my parents when I got he update that my PHL- FLL flight had been delayed. At least I could slow down eating the meal Orion had cooked me before driving me to the airport. Got to the airport to find out the flight was now delayed by 2 hours, meaning I'd miss my connecting flight in FLL. Spirit was super easy about rebooking me onto an American Airlines flight that would get me to my connection on time. Win!

Then that flight got delayed.

I had found Jacob, a fellow yoga teacher that is also going to Envision and we killed time at the gate sending the good vibes that our flight would be fast and the next flight would be delayed. I waited 4 hours, but was still in pretty good spirits about the whole out of my control situation. Somehow, our flight landed on time, I bolted across the terminal (left Jacob to fend for himself) and made it to my connecting flight. They waited for me! I don't think I've ever smiled so much sitting on a plane.

Walking down the aisle, I swore I saw Orion, but it was actually his very vata, exactly my age, still working through a psychedelic stage, herbalist whose last name is Irorion. And he's been living in Oakland. Uncanny!! We talked the entire flight about tinctures and exotic fruits and flowers and by the end had befriended visionary artist Zachary Brown from Des Moines who invited us to stay in his Holiday Inn room. I decided that it was a better idea than taking an uber alone into town at 2:00am and hoping my hostel would be open. Great choice! Slept in a big comfy bed and had continental breakfast all for the price of the room I didn't show up for in San José (which I don't think I even paid for when I booked).

Refreshed, fed, and with a thermos of coffee, I caught an uber in the morning to TRACOPA bus station (about $12) and easily purchased my $11 ticket to Uvita on the hot pink, luxury bus. After trying multiple ATMs and trying to figure out how many zeroes to use to get 20 thousand colones out, I succeeded and caught my 10:15 bus.

We stopped at Lapas rest stop beyond San Jerónimo where I grabbed a 1,000 colones fruit cup (still learning what that means). I think the whole trip ended up being 3.5/4 hours. I opted to skip the stop st Rancho Merced where Envision is and instead stopped at Uvita Bus Station/El Sabor de Flor restaurant and walked the rocky, uphill 2km to Hostel Cascada Verde.

This hostel is soooo pretty. All open air concept with a big open balcony overlooking the dense and noisy jungle. I wish I could save the noise (well, I do have a video). The grasshoppers are as big as my face and the plants are so thick that the jungle could overtake the hostel at any moment.

Feeling inspired by folks making hummus and potato hash in the community kitchen, I prepared a coffee Costa Rican style (with a coffee sock) and started walking down the hill to the grocery store and ATM. On the way, I managed to hitchhike a ride from an Envision shuttle picking up VIP and staff.

Turns out I was allowed to check in Tuesday, so I waited in line for 45 minutes and got my wristband and eventually picked up my rented tent ($75 for the tent, pad and pillow). Setting it up, I got bit my ants that had crawled into the flimsy pole. Shoved the giant foam pad into the entire footprint of the tent and plopped a box card on it to claim it as my own. As i didn't bring any of my stuff with me for the surprise check-in, my tent is currently unattended and barren. I have no idea what to expect.

Caught a cab back (2,000 colones) with Sarah, who is volunteering as a barista, and spent a solid 45 minutes wandering the grocery store debating what to eat for dinner, breakfast and throughout the festival without the ants swarming my tent. I really hope they don't come in. Opted for a jar of Jiffy, 5 bananas, box of chocolate milk, a granadilla, jar of peanuts, and a celebratory ice cream for the walk back to my hostel.

Excited for my score, I proudly built a PB banana chocolate milkshake, and then embarrassingly knocked it over putting back the blender. The whole thing spilled on the floor and I cut my thumb on the broken glass (had to injure myself some how!). Gave up on that. Realising I'm feeling totally ditzy tonight, I've relegated myself to my dorm room. It's everyone's first time here and feeling antisocial while everyone is downstairs sharing feasts. Hoping to sleep well in the room of young girls, im now drinking a glass of cab ($3.50) and smelling that familiar I've been in the sun and dust all day kind of personal scent. That said, I don't feel like waiting for the shower and I'd rather let the vino tinto lull me to an early sleep so I can wake up ready to get to my first shift as VIP Hospo.

My heels have blister, my thumb has a cut. I feel pale and clumsy and bloated. And I frickin love this place.

The locals are friendly. They can tell me I have a pretty face or ask me if I am always smiling this happily and there's nothing creepy or harassing about it. The bugs are huge, the jungle is loud and the Envision hippies are swarming. And I love it all.


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