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Yesterday Francisco and his family and I went to see some property aways south of here. This American has a large block of land that he is developing. It looks like quite an ambitious effort and I hope he has the money to see it through to the end because by the looks of it, it is going to take a lot. Beautiful lots though with ocean views in the distance and nice valleys to look at. I'm posting a picture of a beautiful meal I had at OBJ, Outback Jack's, a couple of nights ago, for you to salivate over. I spent a very quiet day by the pool trying to finish all the fruit I had left and catching as many rays as possible. There are about four boats out on the ocean, the ... read more

MANUEL ANTONIO: It's no wonder thousands of vacationers flock to Manuel Antonio during the dry season. It's not only home to a famous national park, but also has pristine white-sand beaches framed by jungle. Is has a little something for everyone: good swimming areas and surfing spots, delicious restaurants and 2x1 drink specials, parasailing and beach bumming. Its Costa Rica's own Orange County. The only thing this tiny town doesn't have is much nightlife. We checked into the national park backpackers hostel about a hundred feet from the entrance of the park and a five minute walk to the beach. This is the first hostel we've stayed at that had a pool. Even though it felt like bath water, it was still a nice relief from the intense heat. Every night they show a movie on ... read more

March 5 (Envision blog): After waking up from a nice, uninterrupted nights sleep (in a BED!) back in Dominical, it feels like the festival was merely a dream. I know how Dorothy must've felt when she woke up back in Kansas, safe in her bed, after all her experiences in the zany world of Oz. We also traveled to a surreal place, met some interesting characters, and witnessed some unreal performances. Envision was definitely a challenge for me. The days were hotter than Hell and I felt so lazy and tired all the time. It was almost unbearable sitting through some of the speakers presentations under a hot red tarp. I never woke up early enough to make it to yoga before the heat set in. There was a waterfall nearby but you had to hitch ... read more

Today, is the day after returning from San Jose; and as the title intimates, I don't care to know the way to San Jose. I just really wanted to get the hell out of there safely. Clive went home yesterday morning very early so we thought it best to go into the city the day before and stay over, which was a great idea as there really is only one good highway into the city. (You can take the old highway but it is very windy with steep curves and only used if necessary, at least by the people I know here.) As there is only the one highway, and with all the large semi trucks sharing the road, traffic can easily get backed up and it can take a considerable amount of time to go ... read more
National Theatre

Last night I was treated to participating in what I would call a "home study" only the home was a restaurant owned and operated by Luz, one of the English students. Vanessa, who by now you have heard me mention several times, is the teacher and in this case the students are more or less adults. We shared in some food and conversation and I couldn't believe how quickly the time flew by. Luz hosted the study at her roadside restaurant and at times it was difficult hearing everyone with the big trucks going by. She made us tortillas filled with cheese and were the size of an individual pizza. This group of people were so excited to see me you'd have thought they were meeting the Queen or something. The youngest is 12 and the ... read more

Big decisions had to be made...should we go to the Caribbean side of CR - likely Limon or go on a day cruise to Tortuga Island which is an island in the Gulf of Nicoya. We eventually decided on the cruise which included b'fast, non-alcoholic drinks on the catamaran, an amazing lunch on the beach, snorkeling and banana boat rides. They also had a traditional band that played for us prior to boarding for the island and when we were on the island itself. The service was impeccable, the fish beautiful, the sand the nicest we have seen and the company quite good. We even met some people from Saskatoon if you can imagine. Unfortunately I will not post any pictures of this trip as I took limited pictures and none of them are particularly post ... read more

We went to OBJ (Outback Jack's) the other night; pictures in blog - and it was suggested to us that we absolutely HAD to go on the crocodile tour so that's what we did three days ago. The Tour is called Crocodile Man Tours for $30.00 a pop and is run from Tarcoles area with the crocs being in the Tarcoles River. We got to see the crocs close up. Scarface - has half his face gone - lost in a fight over territory. We were told that the males are the only ones that fight and it is always over territory. Some of the crocs can reach 12-15 feet in length. The fellow that feeds them the chicken, as you can see, is quite young. Isn't it interesting that there are no OLD tour guides ... read more
better picture of Scarface

After leaving Paradise, we quickly realized that the rest of our vacation would be entirely different -- not worse or better, just different. We were dropped off by boat in the AM in Golfito and spent about 3 hours on the rocky beach waiting for our 2PM bus to Quepos. We read, chilled and played games-- followed by a fresh ceviche lunch. Delicious :) We got on the bus around 2:30 PM and arrived in Quepos right at dusk about 6-6:30PM. We met a very nice woman who helped us call a cab, and were dropped off at Casa Buena Vista. Casa Buena Vista was another gem that I found on airbnb -- Anita, has lived in her home or 38 years, she has 8 rooms (If I remember correctly) and loves having visitors with her ... read more
Town of Golfito
love it when he falls asleep like this

After 20 km of steep dirt roads, we arrived right around sunset, checked in, freshened up, and sat down with Andres the owner where he helped us book the rest of our trip. We booked tours for the next day, transportation to Arenal (final stop) and taxi to San Jose. It was a relief off our shoulders—nothing left to “worry” about. Once that was all done, we set out to explore this cute mountain top town. We walked through the town in about 20 minutes. Monte Verde is a very quaint little town with a few souvenir stores, a couple other stores and lots of places to eat. We decided to eat at this little house looking spot right next to our B&B. One thing that we realized about Costa Rica, was that everywhere we went ... read more
All ready to go zip lining

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Two days ago we decided that we would go for an adventure to another rain forest - and if we got lost - well so be it. Then we changed our mind and decided that we would leave our car at the Hilton in Puntarenas, where it would be safe, and take a bus. However, when we arrived at the Hilton the young lady assured me that it would be a much better idea to drive ourselves - so that we could stop and take pictures etc. that you would need to go slow on some parts but no problem - BIG MISTAKE. Firstly, the bus only cost about 5.00 round trip so based on that alone we, or should I say, I should have not co-erced CC into taking the car and we should have ... read more

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