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This is Kate. I have posted some video above. The first is of Casa Gavilon, the remote research station from where Nick (Scotland), Andrew (New Zeland), and I were working for a few days. The second is a little bit of the main road from Cloudbridge to town. We were headed to the Chirripo National Park trailhead to get to the next valley over where our Spanish teacher lives when we walked passed Erik's house, the Cloudbridge Reserve manager. The third video is taken on the trail to Los Angeles, the small village where our Spanish teacher lives. We had already left the Chirripo National Park trail at that point. Also, there are some random pictures I have taken so far. We have a nice garden adjacent to the yard of the casa I live in. ... read more
Meditation Garden
Tina talking to Andrew
French and Canadians

This is Kate. So... I have been at Cloudbridge for 1 week. It has been an interesting experience so far. I finally got acclimatized and also used to hiking in my rubber boots, although my feet are still covered in medical tape & bandaids because of blisters. For awhile my quadrocepts were so sore it was difficult to walk, but that has passed and the soreness has moved on to my gluts... me bum. Nick, our new volunteer, arrived this past Sunday. He is from Scotland and we've been getting along great. I am glad there is someone here who I feel more comfortable with! He's like a real person... not so scientific seeming as the others. Well, I will say the French girls aren't that "scientific seeming", but sometimes the langauage barrier discourages us from ... read more

This is Kate. It is my 4th day at Cloudbridge. Yesterday, I went on my first hike with Andrew and Tom. Both are experienced hikers, and were going quite fast. Our first little hike was to the hydro-source behind Tom's house. There was somewhat of a path there through the forest. He wanted to show us where he was making his hydroelectricity and also point out where Andrew might want to get some samples. I was wearing a ballcap, and on the way there my head had a very intimate meeting with the trunk of a tree that had fallen across the path and I fell backwards and slid a little. I was SO embarassed in front of these 2 experienced hikers, and I felt my eyes water up a little. They asked if I was ... read more

This is Kate. We packed up the car on Saturday morning and were headed to San Isidro. The drive up was nice, and we stopped in Dominical to get some snacks and check out the beach/waves. Then we climbed the winding mountain roads for about an hour. Overall, it took us about 3 hours to get there with the stop. We arrived and found our hotel, a backpacker staple. It was called Hotel Chirripo and was right in the center of town, across from the big church. San Isidro looked like a bigger Quepos immediately. You could tell it was a tico town, with only one American staple in sight, McDonalds. We decided to go out to try and find some stuff that I needed and get lunch. We succeeded in finding one pair of pants ... read more
A little stream
An old stone wall
Getting closer!

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