Herrera Garden start of the living Tree Art Trail

Published: April 5th 2009
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So we have had just a wonderful Group of Volunteers at the Herrera Botanical Gardens & Conservation Project.

Today I ad them doing something new, A Living Tree Art Trail - I want to make trees you can walk up into, and turn trees into pieces of art along the trails, it should get very interesting in a few years, a long term project for sure, but who cares, it is a blast to do.

Going to start a little nursery in town to help support the gardens and to gaurd Don Bluas's house, a win win for us. I just posted at craiglists, should be interesting to see how fast I can get someone.

So we have about 15 km in forested trails all cleared, the crew has been kicking it lately, very happy with the worl, I really nee to open the gardens, but alas I am oh so very lazy it seems. I hope next week to do some light bamboo construction, we will see



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