Monteverde, Costa Rica

Published: August 17th 2009
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Costa Rica!Costa Rica!Costa Rica!

Who puts a pole right in front of their welcome sign???
Volcano Trail Day 13: Monteverde, Costa Rica

We left Ometepe early in the morning, this time catching a proper ferry to the mainland. Crossed with ease into Costa Rica. As soon as you enter Costa Rica the differences in standard of living are profound - nicely paved roads, better built homes, cars in better condition, better clothing... it is apparent that Costa Rica is indeed the wealthiest of the Central American nations. We passed numerous volcanoes and had some great views.
Monteverde was originally founded by American Quakers who wanted to start up a new life away from the issues of war and religious persecution. It is located high in the Costa Rican cloud forest and is home to an abundance of wildlife and extreme sports. It is slowly becoming a tourist mecca, even though it is only accessible by dirt road...
As soon as we arrived, we headed out for a night hike in the cloud forest. We did not leave disappointed as we saw a lot of wildlife - fruit bats waking, tucans sleeping, sloths - including a baby, chicaedas (sp?), and 2 tarantulas!

Day 14: Monteverde, Costa Rica
Woke up early and did a canopy walk of the forest. I had done this before in Borneo, so I knew what to expect, but did this one for the group. In all reality, its not worth the money. Its basically a series of bridges.
The real fun came in the afternoon when we went zip lining. 13 different lines varying in length (longest is 3280 feet), some over huge canyons. Amazing. 2 surprises: 1. 90 feet rappel, 2. Tarzan swing. The Tarzan swing was amazing, but did pull me a little. Basically you just off a ledge and just fall attached by a rope - not quite bungee but the same idea, just not as high and you go feet first (not that I haven't bungeed feet first-LOL). Spent the evening parting it up in one of Monteverde's two dance clubs.
Off to La Fortuna tomorrow.

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