Costa Rica Day 5-Monteverde

Published: May 23rd 2018
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This morning we left the hotel at 7:00am to head to Monteverde Cloud Forest (a tropical rainforest). There is all kinds of plants, birds and mammals (sloth, monkey, ocelot, and pizote) that can be found in this rainforest. The drive took about 3.5 hours and the last 1-1.5 hours was uphill, curvy, bumpy (partly unpaved) road. The parking lot at the reserve was full, but the adventure tour company had room in their lot and were shuttling people the last kilometer to the reserve. The tickets were $22 for each adult. We started our walk towards the waterfall and It was a beautiful easy walk. We could hear so many different birds singing. This took around 45 minutes. We then headed towards the other side of the park and the suspension bridge over the cloud forest. All of a sudden this black, furry creature that was slightly bigger than a house cat came out of the trees and meandered across the walking path. He did not seem to mind us, when he made it to the other side of the path he began digging around the base of trees with his nose looking for food. He stayed close to the path and allowed us to take lots of pictures and video. We later found out that this animal is a pizote. Just after we finished observing the pizote, we heard raindrops begin to hit the leaves and the rainforest lived up to its name. It rained pretty hard for the next 1.5 hours. We had rain coats, but our shoes were soaked. This side of the hike was a little more challenging and the rain added to it. We were able to see the continental divide at a few of the overlooks. We did not see any more animals, but did see some more birds. The suspension bridge views were beautiful overlooking the canopies of trees and into the clouds. We then headed back to the hotel and the 3.5 hour drive went smoothly. No more shortcuts home today!


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