Experiencias en Playa Manuel Antonio y otros lugares

Published: June 20th 2005
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I think Sundays are really neat here. They reserve it as a day to do nothing but relax and spend the day with the family. Way of life here greatly contrasts the U.S., because in the Estados, one individual´s lifestyle can very much differ from another individual´s. There is great diversity in values, beliefs, and ideology. Here, people are individualistic also, but very similar in cer... Read Full Entry

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mystery house from avion
mis amigas en la misma mesamis amigas en la misma mesa
mis amigas en la misma mesa

my table buddies jen and meri
la guitarra y meghala guitarra y megha
la guitarra y megha

she asked if she could play with them!
avión chicasavión chicas
avión chicas

restaurant avión
bus y nubesbus y nubes
bus y nubes

from the bus: clouds
del bus: verdedel bus: verde
del bus: verde

greenery from the bus
la iglesia en san joaquinla iglesia en san joaquin
la iglesia en san joaquin

the church in san joaquin

the internet cafe where i´m spending my time right now!

20th June 2005

Hey Janice
Hey Janice, It sounds like you're having tons of fun. I am here in Champaign for the summer, so not quite so much fun. I began my internship and it's really neat. It was great to hear from you, I was just thinking of calling you the other day, but then I remembered that you're not in the country! Keep haviing fun!!! See you later alligator
20th June 2005

Go Janice!
Hey Janice I have definitely enjoyed your blog so far. Your observations and pictures help me get a real good feel for what Costa Rica is like. You know a year ago we were all in the Philippines. Hard to believe, isn't it? Two big summer trips in a row for you! Hope you're feeling better. Peace! Noel
20th June 2005

What beautiful scenery! I'm so happy for you getting to see such things. You look all cute in your sun-tan! I'm glad that you're having a good time and learning all the fun cultural differences - I know you're special, guess that guy saw it too. Hehehe. Illinois is dry and medium-to-hot right now, so you're not missing that much. OH except for the horizons. With the lack of moisture (aka lack o'clouds) you can now see for miles and miles when you look out over the fields and such. It's quite pretty. Mel and I took a drive yesterday to Rockford. We went the backway through the farms and stuff - the corn's around a foot tall now - so pretty! Well my dear, I miss you much - take lots more pictures of the monkeys and lizards. They're nifty. :) 'til next time, Andrea
21st June 2005

Informative pictures
Finally got to see your beautiful sisters there. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us through the pictures.Keep showing them! Thank God you're feeling better. We have not stopped praying for you. Love ya.
21st June 2005

Aww, my cute cute girl. I love to look at all the pictures. It looks like you're having an AMAZING time. :*}
21st June 2005

looks like you're haveing lots of fun
Hey, it looks like you're haveing lots of fun! I'm doing alright here; it looks like a beautiful country. =) miss ya
21st March 2006

Nice Pictures
Hi, I just came back from Manuel Antonio myself. It's really cool to see you in El Avion where we ate most nights. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you are interested you can read about my experience in Manuel Antonio - Quepos at http://www.kevingleeson.com

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