The start of a new era


Buenos Noches...My name is Terrance Bradley Merrell and about 3 months ago I decided that pensacola Florida was getting to me and booked a flight to what I now know as my escape. Simply put I never expected what I have seen in the 3 days that I have been here.

Day 1
I arrived in San Jose, CR..really alajuela but close enough. I was greeted by my shuttle I arranged to take me to hostel Pangea(crazy place). On the way there I feared for my life as the driver wizzed in and out of cars, pedestrians and motocicletas on a what is suppose to be a 1 lane road turned into 2 lanes. Not to mention windy, bumby and in desperate need of some TLC. After arriving there we were let into this gate that was covered in Razor wire and bolted shut on the other side with a street facing camera. I booked my room and waited for them to clean it out. After getting settled in I wandered up stairs to the bar(of course) and grabbed an imperial beer.

Sitting on the balcony over looking the city and starring in to the mountain side I struck up a conversation with what I learned was an expat(some one who moved here to live) named Martha. We spoke for about 2hrs and headed into town to search for some cafe. Found this amazing cafe with that made there own coffee beans onsite. After an hour of conversation with some locals and watching the rain we made the wet trek back to the hostel. Had some dranks, met up with more people. I met in 3hrs people from IRAN, GERMANY, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Cali. A great start to my adventure.

Day 2

Well I woke up at 6am when the sun rose. Headed up stairs for some breakfast. Had conversation with people from last night. Said good byes and headed to the coca cola busstop to book my ticket to manuel Antonio. Marthas base town, she was missing her man and her house...LAAAAME. But I am glad that I came. Because after our 4 and half hour trip through the mountains I arrived in this Oasis that I would have never came to. I am staying in this Vista Serenas Hostel for the next three days. The view from the main balcony, which is lined with Hammocks, is of a farm below....canopies...and the pacific ocean. When I first saw the view every single emotion, worry and problem that I ever had left me and I was for the first time in a long time at peace.

Here at the hostel I met with this dude Anthony, and some french canadians(whom were rude) and we spoke of our backgrounds had some drinks and went to bed.

Day 3
Anthony, Josh, Martha, and myself woke up at about 7 and headed to the beach. Walked up to town caught a bus for 245 colones and got down about half way to the beach where we were kicked off the bus because the road was closed and walked the next mile down the hill to the beach. Now the beach...picture standing in the middle of a jungle with Jagged cliffs on your sides, sloths, monkeys, and all other animals surrounding you..waves rolling in on the ocean and a bright blue sky. No buildings around and not alot of people on the beach...this place was heaven. We spent from 9am to about 4pm body surfing, chilling, talking to the local Ticos, and hanging out. Near the end Josh rented some jet skis, which the local Tico gladly ripped him off on price, and headed to the ocean to cruise around the rocks and external we are back on the porch of the hostel sitting around playing rummy with people I would have never met, just a chilling.

Ill get pics when I get a chance. Stay tuned guys I´m only three days in and already forgetting the days


6th June 2010

sounds amazing. i'm so glad you're mind's free :)
6th June 2010

Bradley this is totally cool. But don't forget to come home I love you
20th June 2010

Solitude is one of those things that only one sole at a time appreciates. Glad you are getting a chance to "reset" my friend.

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