Monday's Adventure to Curu and Isla Tortuga

Published: February 25th 2010
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Curu Wildlife RefugeCuru Wildlife RefugeCuru Wildlife Refuge

We're ready to start the jungle tour.
Monday's Adventure

We drove for almost 90 minutes (over asphalt roads with mucho grande potholes (many were about 8 inches deep or more - the rest were washboard gravel). We arrived in Curu at the Curu Wildlife Refuge.

A guide took us on a tour of the area jungle. He explained that they manage the area by planting some areas with food for the animals (bananas for example). We learned about many of the native trees and animals but didn’t really see very many animals except for monkeys. There were white faced monkeys both in the jungle and a whole family of them around the area where we waited for our boat ride. I took a bunch of pictures and a video that I’ll try to upload. I apologize that parts are a little shaky. We also swatted at hordes of mosquitoes - there was an unusual dry season rain a couple of days earlier.

After the tour we took a boat ride to Isla Tortuga, stopping to snorkel on the way. A very tasty lunch was prepared—lots of fruit, parrot fish in a sauce, roasted potatoes, some bean dip served in a coconut shell. It was a nice day but I wish the snorkeling would have been better. I saw one school of bright yellow fish swim by but not much else. The waters were a little murky due to wave action.

We have another tour to do a zipline and more on Wednesday. That update will be coming soon!

Additional photos below
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Banana PlantBanana Plant
Banana Plant

See the baby bananas growing?
Termite nestTermite nest
Termite nest

They grow in many of the trees.

Part of a termite nest.
Another IgunaAnother Iguna
Another Iguna

He's after a rotten banana peel.
White Faced MonkeysWhite Faced Monkeys
White Faced Monkeys

These little guys come down and show their teeth (which look pretty sharp) but aren't really a danger.

You see these guys everywhere but it's not always easy to get them to stand still for a picture.

They were sleeping under the eaves at the boat place. These kind eat insects.
We went through that archWe went through that arch
We went through that arch

Lots of Islands around. All volcanic rock.
Our lunchOur lunch
Our lunch

The fish was brought over in a cooler and it was still warm.
Jim in the gift storeJim in the gift store
Jim in the gift store

While I shopped, Jim entertained himself...

25th February 2010

Nice to see that Jim found himslef a HOT date! ( Or cold technically speaking )
25th February 2010

Bats, bugs, boats
Wow. You guys are sure living it up! Retirement must be nice. Can't wait. Thanks for sharing your fun.

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