El Salvador to Costa Rica

Published: April 11th 2009
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It was a couple days of big driving from El Salvador to reach Costa Rica. The girls were anxious for Roguers arrival and he was overjoyed to get back with them. We headed off early in the morning saying goodbye to the implausible waves and stunning beach of La Libertad. We knew we had a big day ahead. We were attempting to cross two international borders and drive much distance in a single day. To cross one Latin American border in a day is an assignment unto itself that we were planning on much more was a case of urgency and partial lunacy. But, we did it. Roguer handled all the panderers brilliantly, with the constant molesting and confusion at the border things can seem very improbable of functioning but with a lot of patience and endurance we got through. The conmen and the corruption at the entrance to the countries gives you a foreshadowing as to what might lay ahead in the new land you are about to venture into it. Honduras was an annoyance and a hassle. We moved hoping to not stop yet constantly having to due to the police road blocks. With their harassment and attempts of extortion it became tiring and sad. Roguer and I both hoped that this kind of treatment and behaviour was only to this jurisdiction, this short stretch of land that nestled between El Salvador and Nicaragua. We made it close to the capital of Nicaragua, Managua and spent the night on a pull out looking across Lake Managua. We awoke to a dazzling sunrise and a spectacular view. The sun was on the horizon and rose over the immense lake. The expanse of the lake reminded much of the great lakes in Ontario, massive and unable to see the distant shore. Roguer felt ill and I took the wheel it was going to be a much shorter day than the one previous. Our destination was San Juan del sur. A surfer’s town that sat a brief distance from the Costa Rican border it was our last stop on our overland adventure, last chance to score some foreign waves on an alien beach. But, it was flat and not happening plus the water was cold due to the winds that come off Lake Nicaragua. Roguer rested up the entire afternoon and we had an early night. Off again early to make the border hoping to be ahead of the congestion and kayos. We did really well. Passports stamped and truck registered we made our way to our final destination. We received a welcoming smile and a local greeting of pura vida from an immigration officer as we crossed the border line we both looked at each other in amazement we did it, we drove from Canada to Costa Rica and by sunrise the original crew of the hippy hauler would all be united again. It was almost a month since Roguer had said goodbye to his family when we pulled into the drive in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. The trip is done the ride is over now the sunsets on us in Costa Rica and a new baby joins the family. The hippy hauler, our precious snowball ,el camineta thank you for making it happen. All of us came together and experienced much. The places we traveled through were diverse and beautiful. They were magical and sacred. We were fortunate to make new friends and visit old ones. We came together and worked together to make it happen, all of us dared and dreamed for a wonderful adventure and together we brought it to fruition. (entry by Dom)

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