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Published: February 12th 2009
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We headed to Monteverde from Liberia since I last wrote, which is essentially a cloud forest/rain forest. It was freezing and raining pretty much the whole time we were there but still beautiful as the sun would come out and spread a rainbow across the sky every now and then, making everything just peachy keen.

The town itself is almost like banff - very small and quaint. We stayed in a hostel that was part of a tour company downstairs, however this helped since we wanted to do a canopy tour. We went to a little cafe upon our arrival for a bite to eat...I had one of the best coffees I've had since been here. Wow. Blew my mind.

We bought some groceries for that night...I made delicious guacamole. Mmmmm. We just lazed around that evening in preparation for our canopy tour the next morning.
It was AWESOME. You basically just zipped from tree to tree, some were higher than others, some longer than others. We also did a tarzan swing which felt so much like you were going to plummet to our death.
You jump off this high platform and swing across...wowzers.

From Monteverde, we headed to the Nicoya peninsula, specifically Montezuma and Santa Teresa, where we are now. Montezuma was really quaint, nice little shops. We hiked to a waterfall yesterday morning before leaving to head to Santa Teresa and it was the best morning swim ever. Well worth the hike.

We are now in Santa Teresa...the biggest surf bum town ever. I'm definitely renting a surf board today. I just have to...there's nothing else to do here lol.
We're staying at the biggest surf bum hostel, Tranquilo Backpackers, so we're just chilling with a whole load of surfers.
We spent a few beautiful hours on the beach yesterday, watching the surfing, taking in the white sand beach. Did I mention the surfing? Haha.
Had a great lunch, chilled out, watched the sun go down as the last of the waves rolled in, and headed back to the hostel to make dinner. We ended up playing a very intense game of Mafia, as Katia has been trying to do this whole trip, and it was much fun. We got a lot of people into it.
Played some ping pong, had a few drinks, then called it a night.

Less than two weeks until we get home. Im not sure that I'm ready yet. This has been a definite eye opening experience and I've learned a whole lot about myself and what I want from life. Cheesy, I know, but its what I was looking for and I'm glad to have found it. I just dont want it to end! Haha.

Alright, off to the beach for now. I'm trying desperately to put some pictures up however this computer doesn't seem to want to help me out. I'll do my best soon.

Love Ashley May.


20th February 2009

Isla omtepe
Hi I tried to comment by for but dont think it went thru, any way we met you 2 lovely girls one night in villa priso you guys were smoking the big cigar, and on Friday we ran into you at the coffee plantio at noon , Tona @ noon look like you had enough of the great island, glad to read about you trip, keep up the blog, be good Dave and Mary
2nd March 2009

Haha! Hi. I'm just reading this now. I am back home in the cold of Canada. We of course did make it off the island eventually and continued on our adventure. Its good to be home but I miss the warmth and relaxation of it all. How are you two doing? Still riding around the motorcycles? Haha. Take care, Ashley

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