sometimes you shred waves...sometimes they shred you!

Published: May 11th 2008
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It had to happen eventually - we have been having way too much fun in the water! I guess you have to pay to play. At the end of a great morning surf I (Derek) got smacked in the face with my board - leaving a nice big gash above my eye. I didn´t realize I was cut until Heather started hyperventilating! (H - only becuase his guts were hanging out of his face). We caught some waves back to shore and walked 3k along the beach to our cabins. I received hundreds of surfer salutes to my bloodied, sagging, and swollen face as we walked back. Getting fixed up was a breeze - the doc came to me, stitched me up right at the cabin, gave me some good instructions and I should be able to get back into the water in 5 days. It all adds to the experience really.

Slight bump in the plans, but no problem. After today´s recovery period we are going to change gears a bit and get some good adventures in on land over the next couple days. Check out the lovely pics!

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11th May 2008

oh, that sucks!!! glad you're ok though.
11th May 2008

Nice scar ace! You should wear a patch.
11th May 2008

YESSS!!! Buddy we now have matching scars - yours from shredding waves, and mine from shredding handrails! ha. Seriously though, glad it wasn't any worse. All the pics looks great, keep enjoying the pura vida!
12th May 2008

tides out
Hey just what I needed to see on Mother's Day! I hope you are going to stay on shore for awhile till that heals up. Thank-you for that beautiful card for Mother's Day and letting me know that you were on THE BEACH! I am going to see Anne Murray that it awesome .Can't wait to hear your voices I sure miss talking to you both. Heather your mission is to keep him Safe I know that is a tall order Good Luck Girl ! Love you Both XOXO
13th May 2008

I know that I suggested you not break any legs ... but what's this??? Heal quickly and well.....and I'm back in Canada covered in calamine lotion --- sun damage lol

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