Swells and long waits

Published: June 22nd 2010
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Its about 6 oclock and I am sitting on an enormous tree in the middle of what is now a desolate stretch of rocks and wet black sand relfecting clouds above, otherwise known as a beach. Sitting there gazing into sky in front of me, clouds illuminated orange, blue and purple, waves crashing in the distance, and beams of gold shooting through the air. This was a sunset to beat all sunsets, close to the one I watched in keywest a few years back. Reminissing of the last two days events and remembering the joys I had on this trip thus far.

Thoughts of being stranded at the bus station for 4hrs yesterday listening to the ever rotating groups of preachers that would post up when the crowd grew to standing capacity, or hords of dogs that ran in and out of the crowd, and who can forget the constant screams not only from the babies but from the taxi drivers that seem to think every five minutes you just may change your mind and want to pay 170 dollas for an air conditioned ride to dominical...I may slow at time, but I am not that slow.

Then there were the thoughts playing pool with some of the locals and holding the table for 2hrs. Learning that tico pool is different than american pool. So I stuck with American pool. Hanging out in this bar that had coolest decorations. From the surfboard graveyard on the cieling, or the short yellow school bus transformed into a lounge area, and even the tables that were constructed of drift wood and topped with surfboards as the table top.

Waves also, tons of waves. I spent from about noon, which is when I decided my hangover wasn´t going away, surfing till 5ish. Which is about the time my arms decided that they didn´t want to work anymore. The waves started small but as the tide moved back in they grew to about 2 to 3 ft over head and were barrelling, small barrels but barrels. I rented the board for $10 for the day, and that was a ten dollas well spent. At one point the water became so glassy that you couldn´t see where the water stopped and the sky formed in the distance. I had left, rights, huge ass drops, and finally got into a barrel of my own. But none of this before getting my ass worked and handed to me by massive close outs and being caught in a rip current that drug into a river..but well worth it.

Tomorrow I am headed to nauyaca falls. Instead of paying the $40 to take a horse back ride up brokeback mountian..I am paying $3 and walking 6miles to the waterfall, one way. I know I´m cheap...blame it on my dad.

Pura Vida


22nd June 2010

Wishful Thinking
Can't say "wish I was there" enough! Glad you got er'thing out this trip you wanted to get. I looked up some pics of the falls you are heading to and dammit, once again, I wish I was there!
23rd June 2010

Dominical is fantastic!
I loved Dominical for its beaches, great waves for surfing, its nature and wild animals! Great review and pics at: http://www.hoteltraveltour.com/costa-rica/dominical-puntarenas.html

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