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Caldera the main port and a gateway to some of the most amazing rain forests and national parks in the world. While Costa Rica is one of the smallest countries in Central America, it is naturally diverse, with lush rain forests teeming with wildlife along side pristine beaches which attract thousands of visitors every year. The protection of this remarkable habitat is a priority for the nations government which focuses on ecotourism. The Reserva Biologica Carara offers a gorgeous nature walk. Costa Rica is a peaceful, democratic country which disbanded its army in 1940. Officially the Republic of Costa Rica population of 5 million, land area 333,000 live in the capitol San jose and 2 million in surrounding areas . The country is Republic with stable democracy, they are highly educated. The country puts more into ... read more
San miquel Rancho

The alarm goes off at 6:30am and Karen's not happy. She says she wants to relax. She should know that traveling with me is not always relaxing. I had asked her before we left if there were any excursions that interested her. She offered no opinion and so, out of desperation and so as not to just sit in the port doing nothing, I chose several activities for a few of the ports. Now the day of reckoning is upon us and she's balking at the thought of leaving our stateroom to venture out into the unknown. But I've already spent $90pp for this tour so we need to see it through. Following a quick breakfast, we meet our group on Deck 2 at 8am. There appears to be some delay in boarding our buses. It's ... read more
All Aboard!
The AC on This Car is Manual (Windows)
Our View From Inside

We are finished with Central America and for that I am grateful. In all fairness, there were excursions that went inland and that were probably wonderful and exciting but we have pretty much had it with tours. It has been a fabulous trip and we have done more than anyone can imagine and now we are ready for reality. Reality isn’t so bad - the lake is beckoning, the boat is beckoning, we miss our family and friends - only 2 more ports and then we reach Miami. We did our obligatory stroll off the pier and glanced toward the souvenirs and strolled back but not before taking a picture of the beach! Ugh! Yes we are definitely ready for home.... read more
Smaller Debris

Nunca me imaginé que pasaríamos tanto tiempo en Costa Rica. Un recordatorio mas del salmo 55:8 ''Porque mis pensamientos no son vuestros pensamientos, ni vuestros caminos mis caminos--declara el SEÑOR''. Después de nuestro tiempo en San José, nos dirigíamos a Panamá, y fue aquí justamente cuando la saga de Kunkels en Costa Rica comenzó. El punto más alto de Costa Rica se encuentra en El Cerro De La Muerte, y que bueno que descubrí éste tan acertado nombre después de transitar por ahí, ya que de haberlo sabido antes, el estrés hubiera sido el doble. Con sus más de 3,000 mts. Y su carretera de sólo dos carriles, (y en momentos sólo uno debido a derrumbes), ya era bastante el nervio, ahora agrégale a la experiencia lluvia y niebla. En el cerro de la muerte vi ... read more
Cerro de la Muerte.
Contemplando la lluvia desde casita.
El ruido de este río nos arrullaba de noche.

After being our guests in Costa Rica for nearly three whole days and not getting to the beach on any of them made the McLeod's plan for the next day easy. Ariana had been waiting to go since Christmas Day and I applaud her grown up patience. Before heading out we filled up on pancakes and bacon, with fresh strawberries and yummy pineapple. Not as good as the Boxing Day brunch in Saskatoon, but Gail appreciated Ron's delicious cafe con leche. Then it was time to follow the little blue car - the McLeod's had rented their own big 4WD for their stay but we took the lead and they always made sure not to lose us on our various road trips. After a quick stop at the Maxi-Bodega (one of Costa Rica's versions of ... read more
A Creature
Marlin Madness
Posadas del Sol

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