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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón February 4th 2020

After everyone boarded our floating city in Cristobal, our mighty vessel sailed onward to our next port: Limon, Costa Rica. Here all of our group ventured off (except for Sam) to ride the rail into the banana plantations. Some of us took the early morning ride, others selected the afternoon tour. Our initial transportation was on a big bus. Our tour guide was Rosie. She was most knowledgeable and kept us informed about all the sites as we traveled. 🎼🎼The wheels of the bus go round and round🎼. Where’s Judy when we need the full rendition? Leaving the town, we ventured deep into the Rain Forest on the bus. Bumpy! Bumpy! BUMPY! The narrow, dirt road was a mass of deep ruts, deep ridges and bottomless potholes. At least you couldn’t get a blood clot with ... read more
Colon, Panama
Riding the bus - Rosie our guide
Sites in Limon

After breakfast in the Monkey Dining Room, we once again boarded a boat to explore the waterways of the Tortuguero National Park. Because of the diverse wildlife in Costa Rica, that tends to be the primary focus of any excursion. As we made our way along the waterway we watched for birds, monkeys, lizards, iguanas, and other animals that may be within sight. Toucans were high on the list of birds to see and we found three perched in a tree for our viewing. Other birds found on the trip were Tiger Herons, Green Herons, Egrets, Sungrebes and Anhingas. Larger animals included Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys and White-faced Monkeys. Iguanas and lizards were also along the river. We returned to the hotel for lunch and found a little White-faced Monkey playing in the tree right outside ... read more
Tropical Flower
Female Emerald Lizard or Jesus Christ Lizard
Keel-billed Toucan

Up and out by 6 am, we were on our way to Tortuguero. We left San Jose and crossed the mountains to the Caribbean. About half way into the drive we stopped for breakfast at a restaurant owned by the company that also owns the Evergreen Lodge where we were spending the next two nights. After eating breakfast we explored area around the restaurant and found a sloth resting in a tree and poison dart frogs along the ground. From the restaurant we continued on our way to the river at LaPavona where we boarded a boat to take us to our accommodations at the Hotel Evergreen. As we traveled to La Pavona we passed a number of banana plantations. The ride along the canal took about 1 1/2 hours as we watched for and photographed ... read more
Colorful wall in San Jose
White-winged Dove
Tropical Flower

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón October 23rd 2018

“All good for our pick up from the airport, at this stage” read my reply email. Emphasis on ‘at this stage’. Looking at the email to the ground transport company in Costa Rica, second day in, it read relevantly of what was an exhausting 48 hour period beforehand. On the day of departure, arranged many months in advance, we got a text one liner. ‘Flight cancelled’. Into a spin it threw us. No reasons given. As well as trying to fit work in myself that day, P2 kicked off the alternative planning involving lengthy calls to the insurer, travel agent and AirNZ, plus emails to ground transport Desafio and our first hotel night. Several hours and dollars later, with a fortunate late check out from our Airbnb, meant we’d got it at least half sorted. The ... read more
San Jose from our hotel room
Passion fruit lodge
Locals, Costa del Caribe

Tortuguero means “turtle hunter” but there’s very little of that happening in the town (more of a village) of the same name these days. Tortuguero is THE place in the Western hemisphere to see nesting turtles and the people here are wise to the tourism opportunities that this brings – virtually everyone here is involved in the turtle tourism business. There are however still some turtle hunters around, but these aren’t human. There is a decent jaguar population in the surrounding area and according to estimates we saw about 100 turtles are killed each year by them. There is a national park in Tortuguero, but it’s tough to access much of it as the area is thick jungle by the coast and there are no roads. Just to get here you need to take a 1 ... read more

Friday morning I headed out early, driving from Puerto Viejo to Moin, near Puerto Limon. Moin also has a seaport and loads up ships with fruit destined for other parts of the world. When I booked my boat tour Thursday evening, the gentleman at the tour centre gave me instructions on how to get to the boat dock, avoiding the main port or he warned I would be going to Europe with the pineapples and bananas! Friday was a sunny day, perfect for being out on the water. We went through a series of canals that run adjacent to the ocean (probably about 75 km), stopping to see any animals we happened upon during the journey. We mostly saw birds - cormorants, anhingas, pelicans, herons, bitterns, egrets, roseate spoonbills (related to the flamingo!), jacanas, but also ... read more

Wednesday: back on the road, this time for a bit longer journey - the Caribbean Sea or bust! (hopefully not bust!) After successfully navigating my journey without the aid of the GPS on both Sunday and Monday, I decided to give it another shot for this longer leg. I mapped it out online beforehand and committed it to memory, keeping the GPS on just to make sure I was still on the road I thought I was. On this day, not relying on the GPS turned out to be a good thing, as there are new roads up in this area that the GPS did not know about - and they were good roads! So my GPS was showing me driving through the middle of the wilderness for probably an hour - who knows what route ... read more

On Monday, May 7h, Rebecka and I got up at 5AM to take the 6AM bus from San José to Puerto Viejo. I was super tired, because we had been drinking with Rick and Clark until 1AM and this would not be a good day. Well, I’m not 20 anymore... ^_^The bus ride was ok, but I couldn’t sleep at all, so the 5h were quite long. We arrived to Puerto Viejo pretty early and went straight to our hostel, the Oasis hostel. We relaxed on the hammocks until we could check in at 11:30AM and then went to get lunch. It took us quite some time to find a nice place where Rebecka could find some vegan food as well. It was quite good, but nothing special. I spent the afternoon on the beach, just ... read more

Montag, den 7. Mai, standen Rebecka und ich um 5h auf um den 6h Bus von San José nach Puerto Viejo zu nehmen. Ich war totmüde, denn wir hatten die Nacht bis 1h morgens mit Rick und Clark Bier getrunken und ich spürte, dass das kein guter Tag werden würde. Man ist halt keine 20 mehr... ^_^ Die Busfahrt war ganz ok, aber ich konnte überhaupt nicht schlafen, deshalb waren die 5 Stunden ziemlich lang. Wir kamen ziemlich früh in Puerto Viejo an und sind sofort zu unserem Hostel gegangen. Wir haben in den Hammocks gechillt bis wir um halb 12 endlich einchecken konnten und sind dann zu Mittag essen gegangen. Wir haben relativ lange gebraucht ein nettes Restaurant zu finden wo Rebecka auch veganes Essen fand. Es war ganz gut, aber nichts besonderes. Ich hab ... read more

Today we are heading out for an early morning canoe tour and day hike. The gloomy weather outside guaranteed that there was going to be a 100% chance of rain that day. So, I prepared my camera with my own plastic rain cover and used the dry bag provided by Tortuguero Tours as extra protection. Renata’s phone was still not working. Jessica, from Tortuguero Tours suggested that we try to place the phone in rice to help remove the humidity. So after the canoe tour, Renata and I are heading to the local store to buy some rice. At the Tortuguero Tours office we were treated to some fresh fruits and coffee while Jessica went to get our National park entrance tickets. We were also given binoculars to help us locate animals in the distance. On ... read more
Day Walk

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