Day 24 - Canoes & Beach & Bikes

Published: October 30th 2008
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The canoe and bike routes.


You need speed if you're going to go through the water. Speed is what I got.
Day 24 - September 27th, 2008

After a great day on Friday, we woke up and were served delicious breakfast by Isabel, our hostess at Casa Marbella Bed & Breakfast. Then we took the canoe that Casa Marbella owned out on the canal. We paddled along and saw majestic things. We saw big spiders, cool birds, water snakes, and a bunch of crazy monkeys jumping all over the place. Monkeys are ridiculously entertaining for some reason. We talked about our universities and how cheesy each of us is in relationships. My forearms got real sunburned. I forgot how powerful the sun is down here. Stupid me.

After a cheap lunch, we rented bikes. We wanted to visit where the mouth of the canal meets the ocean, a local had told us it was cool. It was supposed to be like a 45 minute bike ride though, so way too much to walk. We rode on a path through the tropical jungle that ended and we decided the only way to get there would be to ride on the beach. We carried our cruiser bikes to the water's edge and rode along the shoreline for a while. What a blast.
Land or SeaLand or SeaLand or Sea

It doesn't matter.
It's the simple things that are so incredibly enjoyable and fun. We got to the mouth and played on a sandbar and had a silly time. We also took lots of pictures with the bikes. Mad photo ops.

We had dinner at a place called "El Buddha." It was an Italian restaurant. Someone, please help me make sense of this. I took a class on Buddhism and I was definitely awake enough to know that Siddhartha, aka the Buddha, was not Italian. I don't think he even ever made it to Italy. Deceiving name for a restaurant? Certainly. Maybe they were confused.... or enlightened...
The food was delicious though. The lasagna and pastas were great and our dessert, crepes and fruit. Also, the ambiance and decor was really well done and it was just a cool little restaurant. One of my favorites. We continued to have good conversation, talking about the drinking habits of students at universities and how it affects the culture and behavior of a school.

An aside: I love Seattle University. The culture is exactly what I would ever want out of a college. The atmosphere is like a close family. People know each other.

I like my bike. It has a basket. Cute.
There is always a positive aura going on. It's not a "party school" but people really know how to have a good time in the presence of others. Sure, students drink, but its usually not outrageous or ridiculous - the students are generally respectful of other and understanding, as well as aware of their surroundings. There is a focus on the things that matter in life - equality, justice, acceptance, love. The administrators and students really care about the students and the direction of the school. Maybe it's because I fell in with a great crowd and am involved, but it's been everything I could have ever hoped for out of a university.

Anyhow, after dinner, I went to a bar with Nick for a little while and the ENTIRE town was there watching the Saprissa vs. Liga game. EVERYONE in Costa follows their local soccer clubs. It's nuts. After killing some time, it was time to sleep.

Oh yea, and we picked a coconut on the beach off a palm tree. After trying to bash it open with sharp rocks for like a half hour, we found out it wasn't ripe and didn't have anything good inside.
High TopHigh TopHigh Top

This is the ONLY hill for MILES in Tortuguero, along the Caribbean.
DANG IT! Lesson: don't pick coconuts off of trees unless you know how to tell if they are ripe. Or if you are a monkey. But then you couldn't read this. Unless you were a really smart monkey. Then you would be famous. And I would want you as a pet.

Additional photos below
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Another wheeeelie.

Nice group shot in front of the Caribbean.

Nice angle. I like this picture.

Picking the coconut.

Trying to bash the coconut open.

Thoughtful at sundown.

What's he thinking about?

What a calm evening. Yet humid!

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