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We crossed Panama from the Pacific to Caribbean coast on 23 December and found rainforest, beautiful islands, white sandy beaches, Afro Caribbean culture and food and a vibe that is like no other. It's Christmas and New Year so there are fiestas and days at the beach, bbqd fish, tropical fruit, reggae music, mojitos, Imperial beers, families on the move, rice and beans, kids and dogs... First port was Bocas del Toro (mouth of the bull in Spanish), where people live in houses on stilts, on islands in a massive bay close to the Costa Rica border. It's a jewel in the Panama crown. With boat, taxi, bus, boat and boat to navigate, it took all day to get there from Boca Brava on the Pacific coast. It was a great day of boats, a mountain ... read more
Salsa Brava, Costa Rica
Bocas barrels
on the road to Playa Bluff, Isla Colon, Bocas

6 novembre Nous prenons l'autobus à 5:00 am pour faire notre trajet d'il y a deux jours en sens inverse (San Gregorio-San Isidro del General- San José). Cette fois le trafic et un peu moindre et nous avons même le temps de déjeuner au marché de San Isidro. À San José, pas facile de trouver la stations d'autobus... À croire que ça change souvent de place. Finalement, nous téléphonons à la compagnie (MEPE) pour avoir la bonne information. La route vers Puerto Viejo fut longue; le trafic très lent, probablement dû à la forte pluie et à certains terrains inondés, nous sommes arrivés plus d'une heure trente en retard. Mais bon! Avec une foule de jeunes Français à bord (qui n'ont pas démentie la pensée populaire que "la gueule leur arrête pas") on ne s'est pas ... read more

Après le départ de la visite, plus qu'une semaine à profiter de l'outre-mer, du Costa Rica. Comment décider où aller, surtout avec la complexité (du moins c'est notre opinion) de faire du voyage - sac à dos, sans tours, dans ce pays si petit, mais si grand à la fois par sa diversité....? Nous optons par le Cerro Chirripo, le sommet le plus élevé du pays. After mom and authie left, we only have one week left to discover the rest of Costa Rica, such small country in area, but big in diversity. It was difficult to chose where to go, and the complexity (it is our opinion) of travelling backpacking without taking any tours. Anyway, we decided to start with the Cerro Chirripo, the highest summit of Costa Rica. 5 novembre Départ d'Alajuela vers 7:30 ... read more

Nie mylić z tacos, bo Ticos (!) nie ma nic wspólnego z jedzeniem. Po prostu tak określa się w Ameryce Środkowej mieszkańcow Kostaryki. Większy dylemat miałam po polsku - Kostarykanie czy Kostarykanczycy. Kostarykanie - orzeka Urzędowy wykaz nazw państw i terytoriow niesamodzielnych. Będzie więc trochę o Kostaryce i Kostarykanach. Stacjonujemy w Puerto Viejo de Talamanca na karaibskim wybrzeżu Kostaryki. Jadąc tu ze stolicy - San Jose - warto dodać, że jedziesz do Puerto Viejo "De Talamanca", bo na północy znajduje się miejscowość o nazwie "Puerto Viejo" i można tam niechcący wylądować. Podobno ta część kraju to jeszcze terra incognita w porównaniu z wybrzeżem Pacyfiku. Podobno wybrzeże Pacyfiku zostało oswojone, wybetonowane i najechane przez Amerykanów, co czyni je eksluzywnym i droższym niż karaibskie. A tymczasem sami zdążyliśmy się przek... read more
Gallo Pinto na śniadanie
Bardzo prywatny widok z naszego hotelu na Mar Caribe
Rowerem z Puerto Viejo do Mazanillo

How To Get There FROM SAN JOSE We tried to get the 10am direct bus from Gran Terminal del Caribe. We walked there from out hostel, queued up to get tickets and found the bus actually leaves from Terminal San Carlos. There were a few other people there who were in the same situation. One couple had been told the wrong terminal by their hotel and we relied on the Lonely Planet which is wrong. If you to get the direct bus go to Terminal San Carlos. We didn't have enough time to change bus stations and buy tickets for the direct bus and there are only 4 a day so we decided to go via Puerto Limon. This bus does leave from Gran Terminal del Caribe. You need to buy tickets from the offices behind ... read more

We were carrying our various backpacks, my charango that I bought in Bolivia last year and a map of the wine regions of the world which we had recently purchased at a winery in Mendoza, Argentina. We also had a couple of bottles of water in a vain attempt to replenish what was being lost in sweat in these tropical climes. The air was in competition with my forehead to see which could create the densest water. I was winning due to the salt content. Our eyes were firmly affixed to the pieces of rotted timber we were walking upon, some having completely vanished in sections, simply leaving a lonely bolt rusting in the support structure. Standing upon these was like stepping on the back of a skateboard, with the front lifting off the ground, not ... read more
Caroline's painting of Rainbow Polar Bears
Delicious organic breakfast of scrambled eggs with veggies, fresh juice and toast with surprisingly tasty pineapple & papaya jam!
Relaxing at Walaba Hostel

18/2/13: Red frog beach was gorgeous for a couple nights but kind of expensive and very remote. I really wanted to check out aqua lounge on Isla Careneros before we left Panama, so we decided to find a room on the smaller island. We never got to check out Old Bank, the town on Bastimentos, but I imagine we didn't miss much. We started hanging out with this awesome couple, Ina from Vienna and Geo from Greece. Their plans were up in the air as well so they decided to come with us to Careneros. They were both members of AirB&B which is like and tried to find a house for all of us to rent but there weren't many options and they were mostly on the main island. We got the last double bed ... read more

Siguiendo el plan previsto ayer, hoy he ido al Parque Nacional de Cahuita. Es fácil moverse en bus por Costa Rica. Hay buenas combinaciones. Lo malo es que hay que hacer muchos transbordos, pero por lo demás, puedes llegar a la mayoría de los sitios en transporte público. Y en este caso, Cahuita, queda a tan sólo trece o catorce kilómetros, con lo cual, no es necesario sacar billetes con mucha antelación. Cada media hora pasa un autobús que te lleva allí. Cahuita, como tal, es un pueblo muy pequeño, similar a Puerto Viejo. Y su mayor atractivo es el Parque Nacional. Es el más pequeño de Costa Rica, y tiene como buena peculiaridad, que no tiene un precio de entrada establecido. Cada uno paga la voluntad, lo que cree oportuno, y con esos fondos se ... read more
Playa Cahuita
Cahuita town

El calor y la humedad insoportable del ambiente en general, y de la habitación en particular, ha hecho que a las 8:30h. estuviese ya sudando la gota gorda. Y lo primero de todo en estos casos, suele ser una ducha bien fría, cosa que he hecho bien a gusto. Como los demás de la casa todavía estaban durmiendo, he aprovechado para dar una vuelta por el pueblo. Ayer llegué casi de noche y no pude apreciar con detalle la distribución de las casas. Y la plena luz del día me reafirma en la opinión de que esto es lo más parecido al paraíso que se pueda encontrar. Es domingo, y parece que hay un pelín de alboroto al otro lado del pueblo. Hacia allí me encamino y descubro con asombro que la gente está alrededor del ... read more
Cuarto árbitro examinando la red...
Vaquitas pastando
Canal Tortuguero

It's been a few days since I was last in Puerto Viejo, but as my hostel had no laptop and the app for this website does not work on my ipod I have been unable to write anything. So I write this from La Fortuna, at the base of the Arenal Volcano from a small hoste called Bueno Bonite Barrato Hostel. Monday I took my first public bus. Everything went fine, it was more or less a direct bus to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca from San Jose. Puerto Viejo is a pretty big party city on the Carribean coast so half the people on the bus were tourists heading there to hang out. Luckily my seat was next to Chantal, the Dutch girl I was travelling with, as Anita had quite the ordeal sitting next to ... read more

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