Playa ChiquitaPlaya ChiquitaPlaya Chiquita

Playa Chiquita

“You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans.” ― Tom Robbins

Magic...That's all I continue to say about Puerto Viejo. For some it breeds deep, wise, philosophical contentment where they have dreamt of, where they find their place in this life and others that feel the same magic surrounding them in clear azul from sky to water. Others stumble upon black magic here and everything seems to go wrong for them. It is a mystical place where if your mind, body, and soul meet the criteria, it will welcome you with open arms and salute you as you arrive on the bus sweaty and exhausted. You will instantly feel air that refreshes your internal being and know that you have arrived somewhere you have been looking for your whole life.

If Puerto Viejo is right for you, you will continue along these feelings and thrive in the sticky, dripping salt air. If not, it will chew you up chomping each bite with zest and conveniently spit you on your way. It is just like that. Either you're made for this life, it suits you, or you're not. Life is easy here and hard at the same time. Everything takes time...yet you have all the time in the world. You

Playa ChiquitaPlaya ChiquitaPlaya Chiquita

A little yoga...
must learn to enjoy every moment here, even when your bike chain breaks and you must walk it three miles along the blaze of asphalt to your hostel. But if you are the type to look around you when that happens and say..."Shit, I'm in paradise and I'll walk this bike up and down this beach all day"....well then you're the right type of person for PV.

You must calmly come to Puerto Viejo in search for something, not run screaming to it. If you run screaming, looking to lose yourself in easy drugs and free tequila shots, you will well..lose yourself in them. If you come with purpose in life, looking for a better way than the 9-5 rhythm that everyone steps to, then you will blossom and fall in love with a town, and it's inhabitants.

The people will have to wait for the next blog. They are vagabond nomads winding their way around the world who come, who stay, who make lives, who leave again and come back...who see the world just slightly tilted and askew from the rest, and they seem to have all found themselves here...surrounded by magic.

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I'm in love with this place!!!
Playa CoclesPlaya Cocles
Playa Cocles

The view from my Hostel...damn

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