Two tickets to Paradise!

Published: April 5th 2010
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So I have now returned to San Jose after 9 days in Paradise! I don't think I have seen anywhere as beautiful as Punta Uva in my life!

So I did go surfing and it felt so good! Gabe and Ben came along, reminded me a little of my first lesson! The waves were a little small but I managed to ride a few! We also took a day trip to Cahuita to snorkel in the National Park there and then walk back through the forest. I really like that little town, its a little touristy but really its just two main streets.
I also went Scuba diving this week which was AMAZING! I had to take a refresher course because I hadn't gone diving since 2006 but that only took 15 minutes in the water. I had good luck though, the dive shop I originally was going to dive with had a broken boat the morning of so they called over to the Punta Uva dive shop and I managed to squeeze into one of their trips. It was funny though because I was already running late and had to power bike to Puerto Viejo from our house in Punta Uva and then 10 minutes later power bike right back to try to catch the next trip. It was really cool though because I had to do everything in Spanish at the Punta Uva dive center because no one spoke english. I love how much my spanish has improved! While we were diving we saw so many cool things! A crab which was about two feet in diameter, lobsters, squirrelfish, pufferfish, sea star, burrfish (so cool!), wrasse, parrotfish, etc. The reef I was diving in is the biggest one in Costa Rica!
We snorkeled right outside of the house too because the reef came in all the way to shore. The elkhorn coral was amazing! The jellyfish however were a little painful. I got stung in the arm and right on the butt (yow!). One night we got to see bioluminescence again! It was crazy beautiful!
Basically we spent the week playing, building fires, and relaxing. I really needed a week of just doing fun stuff and doing anything I want.

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10th April 2010

That sounds like so much fun!!! You're gonna be way more tan than me come the fall semester haha. Can we please surf in the fall? I promise I'll get better over the summer and we'll do it K? Kay. Were you on a longboard or shortboard?
18th April 2010

heck yes we are surfing! I need to get better too...hopefully I'll have some time over the summer to practice! I was using a longboard, I still suck lol.

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