Conspiracy Theory Central and Aliens keep us from leaving Puerto Viejo

Published: March 17th 2008
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Dick CheneyDick CheneyDick Cheney

They're all shape-shifting little green men really ya know!
Next day I met up with Chris and his girl for a beer, and it turned out even SHE, at the age of 18, worked the boats up in icy Alaska; her father was a captain and owned his own boat. Seems they only work about 3 months a year, and make enough money from that to more or less live on the rest of the year. Chris had a really slow, drawling way of talking that made me think he might be one or two ciggies short of a packet - not a full bob (weird English expressions), ie., a bit on the slow side. This made me feel a bit sorry for him, and I kept trying to tell myself it was just his accent. Thing was, his girlfriend was as chirpy as a chipmunk and seemed bright as a button, whilst the accent was the same, except for the cuter feminine nuances. I kept looking for Chris' vital signs, and I do believe, they eventually surfaced. A combination of slight shyness, this big drawl of his, and general fascination with the way a mad Brit like me talks sort of stunned him a bit till he got going. And then he was great fun and had a great laugh. We ended up talking somewhat about America, and the European's view of it - he really wanted to get a feeling for that, and I did my best to remain objective and free of my general prejudices against the Bush Admin and Big Business way of running the world.

Friendly as ever, and not used to meeting many new folks I assumed, he said "Oh man, we're outta here tomorrow - I feel like ahh should shoot ya 'n email or sumntin!" I said he could if he wanted, but the chances of us meeting up again were slim. "OK, well it was really nice meeting ya". And that was that.

Anyway, Puerto Viejo being as unusual, intriguing and relaxing as it became, we ended up staying a week here was supposed to just be a stopping point before heading to Panama. One night, after a splendid dinner at this Thai place - Chilli Rojo - run by an English bloke, sharing a table with a nice young English couple, we went along to Cafe Rico to watch a film. That sounds innocuous enough right....well, the thing was, I had been intrigued by a flyer whilst brunching at Cafe Rico that morning (reputedly the best coffee in town, and for sure, it was some of the best breakfast muesli, toast and scrambled eggs - russelled up by ultra laid-back English owner Roger, who reminded me of David Bowie - and indeed coffee I'd had in the whole journey since leaving the US). The flyer had a sketch of Michael Moore with a red 'no entry' sign drawn over him, with something about the truth about 9/11 scrawled under it; I determined to find out more. Signs for 'Conspiracy Consultations', 'Colloidal silver available here', etc and then news that a conspiracy film tonight was going to show all whetted my appetite further. All this I explained to our dinner partners and so I managed to coerce all of us back to Cafe Rico.

And then the heavens opened. By the time we got into Roger's open-sided cafe we were drenched, but it all added to the atmosphere, particularly when our host, Pete , introduced himself. Pete was an ageing American hippy who exuded an air of mystery, but I think this was pretty intentional as it came over slightly affected. His long golden locks could have been a man of 30's, but his leathery skin and wrinkles betrayed him; I put him in his mid- to late 50s. At first I thought he wasnt going to put the film on, given it was just the four of us, but when he saw we were keen he gladly stuck the DVD in the machine. He told us we were never going to think the same again. There would be two films tonight.

The first was by radio presenter and famous professional conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, though I can't remember which one. The second was the massively-downloaded 'Loose Change'. Indeed, there does some seem to be more to 9/11 than meets the eye, and these films present some intriguing arguments against promulgated wisdom; but how can we ever know? I agree, it looked like a controlled demolition job to me, but unless you're an expert how can you have anything more than a mere opinion? And experts can only have 'expert opinions'. i.e. they're still opinions. I was a bit suspicious of the disappearing plane that was supposed to have flown into the Pentagon though; the film by the students did a good job analysing the available video. The CCTV footage was apparently lifted by the authorities that would surely easily prove a plane was piloted at ground level to smack right into the side of the building (i.e. and not a cruise missile). Even Charlie and Martin Sheen are dubious of the official story it was revealed in the films. During an appearance on CNN's Showbiz Tonight, Charlie said "...19 amateurs with box cutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75 percent of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory".

Sofie didnt like the vibes from this Pete character though one bit, just found him annoying and disrespectful to others (mainly as he never let anyone else have their say), so she left early into the first movie. After the films had played out, Pete turned off the TV. Rain falling was the only thing to break the eerie silence, and a few dim lamps provided spots of illumination here and there - otherwise it was pitch. Pete lit a cigarette, sat back languidly in his chair with an air of exasperation, and then stared at the three of us remaining as he exhaled the smoke.

And then he said, "What I am about to tell you is the most important thing anybody will ever tell you in your life."

The three of us looked curiously and a bit dubiously at one another, with the girl's fella doing his best to conceal a sardonic smirk - we all felt a bit cynical i think. Pete just kept silent, waiting for his statement to fully sink in.

"Well go on then.....what's so important?" we kind of said in unison.

"You, your family....children, sisters, brothers are all gonna to be killed...." - the other guy almost burst out laughing now to the point that I was getting embarrassed - "....they are gonna kill you...most of the planet is going to be exterminated.... very soon"


"In about 15 years," came the reply, with an all-knowing air of condescension.


"Because they no longer need us."


A kind of argument ensued with the other two not really getting enough straight answers so they decided to call it a night. I guess that was about midnight, or just before. I on the other hand, felt that Pete was only just about getting warmed up; I HAD to hear more. My interests include terrorism, imperialism, and the development/damaging of world cultures, but I've never met such a conspiracy nut before, someone so entrenched in their own world. In the same way there's no smoke without fire as they say, perhaps I could benefit from his "education" (he'd lamented how our Western systems 'educate' us in a blind way, so that we never see the reality; though it was a little tough to take him too seriously since according to him, The Matrix is THE source of truth on celluloid).

The Bible was the only book worth reading according to Pete. This is truth in literature format; he hasn't read any other books for over a decade though, so whenever I mentioned something I'd read, it was disregarded if it had been published in the last 20 years. "But Pete, how do you know if something interesting has come along, if you refuse to even keep yourself aware of what's going on?" He simply answered that all media today is screened by THEM before being published, that all companies and not just media ones, are working for the same people, essentially. Hence, it is all a sham. "It cant be Pete - I've heard these stories, about 20 people or so who are supposed to run the entire world. Well, my view is that they TRY to and would really like to, and maybe they have most of the dough, but when I see that CEOs dont even know what's going on in one business and among their employees, how can a few at the top control billions of individuals? They can restrict freedoms and all that, and now you have this Patriot Act and stuff like that....but they can only try. Look at all the Mexicans passing over the border they dont appear able to stop - though maybe they dont want them to stop on the other hand".

The despondent look on his face showed me he wasnt impressed. He must get this all the time, but I didnt want to fall out with him either. He wasnt a bad person, and he had genuine concern for other humans' well-being; I could see that. He drew his chair closer up to mine. A couple of mosquitoes were just sitting on the exposed skin of his tanned, bony shoulders (bare due to his wearing only an old grey vest). "Don't you wanna get rid of those?" I asked, and he batted them off. I cant remember what he said about mosquitoes, but there was something about them....perhaps that he didnt really get bitten now after so many years. Anyway, he soon started on about another conspiracy or other, I think it was the one about some invention that had been consigned to secrecy by the powers that be lest it get out into the mainstream. Oh that was it, he had been saying how true science is not really taught anymore and how for generations now - at least in the US - education is being dumbed-down. I may have the absolute levels wrong here, but he was adamant that today's college graduates are doing work that 8th graders used to do i.e. kids of about 14. The point of this is to keep high knowledge in the minds of the select few, and so the plebians of society are unable to question what is really going on. His view was no-one - including people like some medical doctor that once visited him and whom he made see the light - is really and truly educated today.

" 'I have never let my schooling interfere with my education' Twain said didnt he?" I said, and Pete seemed a little more encouraged by that. "But damn it, I thought I'd managed some kind of an education by the time I got my PhD in electronics! Still, that should bring me up to at least college level of yester-year by your reckoning!"

He face lit up.

"Oh man!! Electronics? PhD?!! Wait till I tell you this....have I got something for you!" He got a sheet of blank paper and started sketching some system that was very simple in its essence (I remember a circle with some positive and negative electrodes, a magnet or two), that provided some kind of perpetual motion. In fact, I think it was even capable of generating MORE power than you supplied it with!

"But that's not possible Pete - there's this basic thing, this principle about the Conservation of Energy or something"

"You see! That's the problem - it's just that you're trapped by what you've been taught, in just the same way that your TEACHERS were trapped by their 'education'! It's all a LIE."

A man, who was not an engineer by training, he said, invented some kind of perpetual motion machine some years ago and as soon as the authorities got word of it, they bought the patent and closed him down. .

He didnt stop there, going on about government scientists, studying the crashed remains of extraterrestrial ships, who had been silenced when they tried to 'out' their work and findings on special space engines etc. The Illuminati came up, as well as the Bilderberg Group and finally the Rothschild Family - in particular Lord Rothschild who, he claims, is the truly richest man in the world, having trillions of dollars at his disposal; William Gates is just a cover-up to allow the media to divert public attention. He told me that Bush and Cheney were 'child-eating satanists', and he meant it literally. Indeed, I've now seen some websites talking about the same. Dearie me. I think one can extrapolate a bit too far; cold-hearted bastards they may be, and when you read about some of the goings on at the annual Bohemian Grove (see Wiki), you can see just how childish and immature our so-called world leaders can be. But Satanism, in the Aleister Crowley sense? Maybe one or two of them could be interested in the Occult, but Pete would have you believe that anyone at the top of their field in such clubs is heavily into it.

His monologues covered many themes: ChemTrails (aka Contrails; those arent simply vapour trails from airplanes - governments and military are performing biological experiments on a global scale, dropping pathogens and other globules into the atmosphere to mess with our minds etc etc - this stuff is literally all over the web, though Pete informed me that a lot of the sites are actually ghost sites by CIA and special interests, designed to throw us off the scent); mobile phone systems (this is more my domain, and I tried to tell him that there is already lots of evidence that the microwaves DO, albeit in a small way, affect the human brain. But his version is of course a little more extreme than whatever I know with my doctorate in communications engineering; those masts you see all over the place are actually, as we speak, radiating MIND-CONTROL RAYS....or something similar, helping to turn us all into dupes of the coming WORLD GOVERNMENT - the one that is going to have 85%!o(MISSING)f us exterminated in 15 years or so. He later told me that it was Kissenger himself who announced such a thing, possibly at one of the Bilderberg group meetings. Or at this Bohemian Grove. Well, how am I to argue otherwise? I mean, in 1942 it is documented that the atomic bomb and Manhattan project was hatched there; now I'll agree that that's pretty Satanical.)

Oh, and then there was the story about Fluoride in tooth-paste.

I asked Pete about the Internet, and he quickly told me how he would never log on to it, and regards it all with the utmost cynicism.....but all the while kept on at me to 'educate myself...', while raising his eyebrows and fixing me solidly with eyes that shone silver in the now half-light. (I later found out that educateyourself is a conspiracy-busting website).

Though he was indeed an intriguing character, his inability to allow another person to actually speak was starting to get to me. He would talk about these annoying people, travellers who come down here "playing the devil's advocate" and trying to prove him wrong. I am genuinely interested in conspiracy theories I tried to tell him, and am always prepared to give another person his point of view, but being an engineer, I do like facts. Though I admitted the sheer lack of evidence from the US govt proving 9/11 was NOT an inside job did smack of a conspiracy, at least to the point that security was relaxed enough that such an event as egregious and widely orchestrated as that was allowed to happen; tragic though it was, it handed Bush et al an American public baying for retribution and an unlimited budget from Congress all on one silver platter. The fact that the first thing on Bush's agenda when he took office was how to sex up the case for an invasion of Iraq also makes the timing seem more than co-incidental. "If you want to see why Iraq was invaded, have a look at books like Confessions of an Economic Hitman; the US State Dept rejects it all as fantasy.." I tried to tell him, "so it must be true" I added coyly, though it was in vain since all books are controlled by THEM.

I tried to get back in his good books a bit: "There was this Dr David Kelly affair, who was the one leaking the fact to the BBC that government officials had 'sexed up' a document discussing Saddam's ability to launch nuclear missiles in 45 minutes. In the middle of all this, the good doctor from our Defence Department was found dead after going out for a walk at home. How about that for a conspiracy?"

Pete seemed impressed, but then I tried to hit him with: "Now that shows that the BBC, a very British institution itself, is working independently and even against the government at times, since it was on that document that most of the Coalition of the bloody Willing based their WMD case on." He didnt agree with me at all, saying that the BBC would do whatever the higher powers want. And then I remembered a great book by Phil Rees, Dining With Terrorists, where he said on his first job as a journalist during the heat of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, Margaret Thatcher for the first time censured BBC reporting and stopped any news showing the IRA and its sympathisers' side of the story.

One of the other products he sells people - including once to an American doctor who was enthralled and amazed in equal measure and purportedly then repudiated his entire medical education - is this colloidal silver mixture. "This stuff will cure almost everything, hundreds of diseases - including AIDS! It's a natural antibiotic that was used for centuries." Now there's a neat little drug for yer, I thought. I told him it just cant be, that by now SOMEONE would have got it into the public domain backed by a few philanthropists so even the most capitalist pharma companies would have been forced, by economics, to join in. I still cant believe that their top management - usually PhD researchers in their day - prefer to make a little money from suppressing a cure for diseases such as Aids, and any of the other (about 700) diseases this silvery liquid is supposed to cure. (But then again - here's me being gullible - a friend of mine who was a PhD cancer researcher - in the drug Industry - quit science completely because she saw projects that were beginning to yield results get closed down......)

Anyway, I did a bit of internet research on this and their are tons of amateur sites making these exorbitant claims (normal antibiotics only good against 7 or so organisms, CS can kill 650+ and body cannot build up a tolerance) - and then selling the stuff, as well as apparatus to make it yourself. But then I found other sites saying how, among many very dangerous side-effects, it can also turn you blue! (A condition known as Argyria). There are images of a US senator - Stan Jones - around where you can see his blue skin, that he admits is due to taking large amounts of colloidal silver - apparently because he thought that the 2000 'Millenium Bug' might mean that there wouldnt be any antibiotics around! But then I saw other websites saying that Stan is probably just working for Special Interests and ingested something else to make his skin eerily azure, since 'CS' isnt a protein and is incapable of turning skin cells blue. i.e. Stan is on the inside, and just trying to tarnish (sorry for the pun) the image of Colloidal Silver products (there are about 4 types mind you, with differing properties and effects). There are tons of quack-watch type sites, as well as factual research-oriented sites publishing basic results from research supporting some claims.

Pete then introduced me to another naturally-occuring wonder-drug, since repressed by the Food and Drugs Admin in the States, which he says can even cure the big one, CANCER. This stuff comes from fruit seeds, in particular apricot seeds, and is known as Laetrile or Amygdalin (wasnt that the Princess in the new/old Star Wars films? Lucas is probably a fan of apricots....). Although I read somewhere it shouldnt be classed as a vitamin, it is also known as Vitamin B17 and has been the subject of much controversy. Basically, the cynics' concensus is that the big pharma co's got together with the medical establishment to ban the sale of the apricot seeds, or any product containing the extract B17 and claiming an effect against cancer. If they cant patent it so goes the argument, then they cant make money on it. and are very pro-laetrile, whilst takes a more official stance.

Before I knew it, we were back on to little green men again, and just as I was about to bid Pete fairwell he hit me with "There are currently 12 alien species infiltrated into all parts of society, ....". They have been here for generations apparently, and many people are in the alien lineage, since they have mixed with humans. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and a bunch of other famous people I cant now remember - oh yeah, our Queen Elizabeth - are actually descendents of a reptilian race of aliens out to destroy us. So I got sucked into another half hour of head was starting to spin, but I was still amazed by his seriousness and tone of voice, which never faltered.

There are four levels of awareness (or something like that), he informed me. Most people, according to Pete, are lumbering around in the first layer, ie. have no clue at all about anything - like those Beta humans in Brave New World I guess. Someone like me, with eyes open, intelligence and curisoity, but (he gave me the impression) too much skepticism, are on the second of these levels. Pete was living in level three. "Who is on the fourth level then? Jesus?" His answer now eludes me, and he didnt like my blasphemy ("EVERYTHING is explained in THE BOOK!" he said. i.e. the Bible, an item as far as I know penned by various scribes and altered on a whim by the occasional king as to his liking). Some guy who introduced Pete to all this was on the fourth level anyway. Thankfully, I hadnt met THAT cat.

The thing I tried in vain to get across to Pete - who by now had his head in his hands as he saw me descend into the disbelieving ranks of lower human after I'd dared challenge him; but who would want 32 years of their life spent obsessed by all this thrown into question? - was that whenever things are left unexplained, conspiracy theories and theorists always clamber to fill the void. An article I read on this topic said it was an entirely human reaction and it has always been that way. He wasnt one for balanced views though, and I had to retire not much more the wiser, but well entertained. I promised him I would look on the web at some of these things anyway.

I explained what had happened to Sofie when I returned at 2am, and she disliked him even more. The thing was, he did manage to mess with my mind a little and I was beginning to wonder if he'd spiked my drink. I AM dubious when it comes to what is stated in the media and believing what I read, and am entirely cynical when it comes to the reasons very powerful countries go around 'defending' their interests around the world militarily. So I ended up in a bit of a weird state somewhere between my view of the world and Pete's extremely warped version and it took me a day or so to drift back down to earth.

Happily, and with a down to earth Sofie at hand, I quickly did. A couple of days after we saw Pete the sage grinding some woman down, giving her the full treatment and it was only breakfast - Jesus doesnt this guy tire of it?!

He saw me as we were munching (we had to stop by for one last time at Roger's place - must give him his due for the top breakfast and excellent coffee at Cafe Rico), and viewing me as an ally, Pete tried to lay some of his views on Sofie, thinking he could save her too. Both of us tried to make him see reason on some issues.....such as how can every book, film, whatever item, be censured by THEM? I just got accused of being part of the system and unable to be saved. As a last caring gesture though he warned us to gather our loved ones and be ready for when the exterminations begin. (Funnily enough, I was on YouTube recently and saw a video 'Shift Happens, Did you Know?' and one of the comments was from SeanPMLeviathen who said the IMF, world banks, Bilderburg group, etc, plan to reduce the world population from 6 billion to 500 million. Did he meet Pete too? )

He popped his big silly black sunglasses on and sidled off, whilst I added another splodge of ketchup reality to my lovely breakfast; Roger is a top host.

I have since done some half-baked research, and I think it wasnt a co-incidence that Pete kept saying "remember, EDUCATE YOURSELF when you leave here": there is a comprehensive site on all this stuff, which you have to admire in its volume if nothing else, called:

For aliens and other world conspiracies you cant miss our very own goal-keeper turned prophet:

The thing is, there are much more earthly and sinister operations at play - it seems the filthy rich Lord Rothschild (Pete's own devil-incarnate) and his family have stakes in the US Federal Reserve (apparently a private bank set up to control US finances from europe and dictate their policy whilst ripping off the US taxpayer - you have to see this sh1t to believe it.........then again, just because a 50 page document says it's true, it might not be :-) ). They are the ones who had the power to coerce the British Government to set up Isreal too in 1948 for example (the family has Jewish heritage) post 1917 Balfour Declaration (which got the ball rolling in the first place for a Jewish "national home" in what was as Palestine). Blah blah.

I did see one BBC article where Rothschild was getting admonished by his sister for missing the launch party dinner of one of their wines in France...It went along the lines of "But dear, I have The Queen and Vladimir Putin over for dinner at my place tonight"...."Well cancel them, and see them later, this is much more important!"

Lofty circles for sure. Influence on US/EU policy in these days of mega-capitalism and George Schultz-installed Cheney/Bush administrations? You bet. Baby-eating Satanists and worshippers of Aleister Crowley and infected with alien blood? Probably not.

Eventually, we're's the bus-stop outta town and back to wonderful (NOT) San Jose. And some snaps of the day's afternoon storm.


26th April 2008

Isolated folk. Roger is cool. The pot smoking old guy who is there every day is a little more hung up on the hang up. If one listens to their icon (Alex Jones), not in the movies Jones himself produced, but as a matter of bona fide record, it is clear that he fabricates facts about Arabs. Granted, the Arab govs are not transparent, but Jones is on film saying that Dubai is in Pakistan. Really?
26th April 2008

wacky folks down there.....Roger seems to have a handle on it all though j

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