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Published: February 20th 2007
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Our CabinaOur CabinaOur Cabina

Our room is in the building with the blue roof. It was actually built around the washroom. You got used to the smell pretty quickly. It just wasn´t enjoyable when everyone went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and slammed the metal door closed!
We decided that we needed some beach time to start off the vacation. So, we headed to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. We went in Puerto Viejo and stayed at a crazy hostel called Rockin Js.

The hostel is this huge compound esque of a place. There are dorm rooms, cabina´s(private room), tents, you can bring your own tent, or rent one of the many many hammocks to sleep in. There is also a tree house with more hammocks and chairs and a tv. They have a free kitchen to use and lots of picnic tables. It is located right on the beach and they even have a bonfire every night.

Our first day there we spent basically just exploring the town. We walked along the beach , had lunch on the beach and went swimming. In the evening we stayed around Js and played some cards and met 2 girls from Victoria. Tanya and Jessie. They have been travelling around Panama and now through Costa Rica. They were super nice and really easy to talk to. They invited us to join them on a day trip the next day to Cahuita National Park. We also had a bonfire this night.

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20th February 2007

Give the camera to Rod once in a while
I'm enjoying your journal. I check in everyday. The pictures are beautiful, but you need to give the camera to Rod more often, Angela, we want to see you too. No baby yet. ciao D.
20th February 2007

Nice beach
It looks like you guys are having a blast!! It looks a lot warmer there then it is here:) Keep writing the blogs!!! Lisa and Russell
21st February 2007

ah-rockin J's
boy did i love rockin J's. isnt it great there? I had a crush on J's brother who runs the restaurant there. i stayed longer than intended because it was so laid back. i suggest renting bikes for the day and riding to manzanillo for the day. i take it you're heading to cahuita for the park? it is beautiful, but watch out for the damn monkeys! they will attack! what dorm are you staying in? i was in #7. hope you are having fun. keep me updated. love dana
27th February 2007

Hola friends!
Thanks for the mention Ange! I don't think I've ever been in a blog before! I'm shocked that Juiliette from Seatlle didn't get a mention, Rod was such a fan too! You guys are great, I'm so glad that I met you both! I'll be keeping an eye on you guys! Have some rice and beans for me eh! Tania

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