A Coffee Pilgrimage

Saved: June 10th 2020
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I never realized I have visited the three most prestigious coffee regions in the world, until right now. Read this, and maybe you might want to do the same?

There are plenty of travels that are musts for any foodie: fried chicken in the American South, a pint of Guinness in Ireland, cheese and chocolate in Switzerland, sashimi in Japan and so much more. But there seems to be one beverage in particular that sends a sizable segment of travelers on worldwide pilgrimages – coffee. The drink comes from the seeds of berries from certain Coffea plant species. Certain parts of the world are known for the quality of their coffee. Here are three of the most prestigious coffee regions in the world.

Ethiopia is thought to be the birthplace of coffee. I stopped here on my way to safaris based out of South Africa. I have tried Ethiopian coffee many times, none to my liking. They produce 4 million bags of coffee annually, with the US their fourth buyer. But aside form the coffee itself, is the way it is served. A LITTLE stand can pop up anywhere, roadside, or in a hotel. All it takes is a heat source, a small table, and equally small stools to sit on while consuming the dark brew.

Costa Rica has become an adventure destination, and perhaps a hallmark for eco-tourism and ziplining. The high altitude of the coffee region is thought to produce nuances of flavor. Yes, the coffee was good there, the food, not so much. But coffee is twelve percent of their export revenue.

Colombia is known for some bad things, like cocaine and Pablo Escobar. But coffee is serious business, producing 11.5 million bags. It is third behind Brazil and Vietnam (an acquired taste, in my opinion). The biggest importers, besides the U.S., are Japan, Germany, France and Italy. We spent most of our time in Medellin. Most of the coffee growing areas are high in the mountains. Get it! High?

But despite having been to these places, and enjoying their coffees, I still revert back to my good old standby: Peet's French Roast. But I do admit to tempering it a little with some flavored coffee the Kauai Coffee vanilla macadamia coffee (2 teaspoons with 5 of Peet's).

Maybe you have a favorite?

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