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Published: July 7th 2008
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El BosqueEl BosqueEl Bosque

The incredible trail of the National Forest.
So after my grand adventure across the border I stayed in San Jose for a day recovering. I wandered around the markets of town and enjoyed some local cuisine. The next day I took the quick four hour bus ride to Cahuita. This beautiful quaint town is bubbling with Carribian culture. I have spent the past few days here relaxing on the beach, exploring the jungle of National Park which is a block from my cabina,and doing some much needed laundry. The slow pace of Cahuita has been a welcomed change. But the slower pace has not kept the adventure away. My most recent adventurous encounters have been with the animal kingdom. In my past two days I have come within four feet of a sleeping sloth, walked under a band of howler monkeys, chased off a raccoon on the beach, almost stepped on a sting ray, eyed a boa constrictor, seen a billion lizards, a gillion crabs, and a zillion bugs of every shape and size.

Every day a wander out along the trail into the National Park past the initial packed beaches. I walk on the trail for a ways and then cut out to the beach and continue on further until I reach a small secluded patch of sand and palm trees that looks like it could have been cut out of a magazine. I take a splash in the crystal clear waters and then lay out on the beach soaking up the rays. Then after a little nap on the beach I do it all over again. It is hard life but I am suffering through it!!!

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Pride LogPride Log
Pride Log

I just can never escape the lion king! I found my very own Costa Rican version of Pride Rock.

7th July 2008

Hi Jen! I love reading about what you are doing down there! It sounds like you are having a great time- make sure to soak up some sun for me! Love Cousin Sarah
7th July 2008

about your trip
So I have been reading your blog since you were in Nicaragua. Sounds like good places to visit if you like the natural views. But how would you compare Nicaragua and Costa Rica? are they very different or are they quite the same? Please write more and post more pictures is alway fun to see the stuff you are seeing there. Be safe and Adios.
8th July 2008

Each country has its own vibe that is difficult to describe. There are definitely many differences and many similarities. Since I was in Costa Rica four years ago and it is a bit more expensive I don´t think that I will be spending as much time here. You can see some of the differences between Managua and San Jose. San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is a more developed big city with hotels and malls. Costa Rica has a more developed tourist economy and that is often reflected in its cities. I enjoy getting of the beaten path and for that I have found Nicaragua more suitable.
9th July 2008

you crack me up!
Only you would turn that stump into Pride Log! It is so fitting for you and you have me cracking up. I think I'll watch the Lion King tonight!
9th July 2008

I Just Can't Wait to be King!!
That was no easy feat either. To set the timer on my camera and get up there before it went off took some lion like reflexes!!!

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