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So, after my return to the U.S. after my last trip I was working in Los Angeles and just could not fathom doing this type of life any longer than was necessary. I managed to live in the states for about 6 months, but 3 of those was spent searching for work. I ended up getting a nice job in Augora Hills and renting a room on a golf course there close to work and since I already knew I wanted to head out soon on my next adventure I was lucky to get the job that I could ride a bike everyday to so I could save money by not buying a car, insurance, gas etc etc. I eventually quit that job after three months mainly because my supervisor was an ass, but also I ... read more

For our first vacation outside of the great state of Nevada, we chose Costa Rica for Thanksgiving. We flew into the capital city San Jose and had elected to rent a vehicle direclty from the airport. We arrived around 8 at night and didnt anticipate driving downtown from the airport in our tiny SUV. We had to argue with the salesman about the difference between 4 wheel drive and 4 by 4. If there are 4 wheels it is considered 4x4 for advertising purposes. Not quite what we wanted. From the rental copany we negotiated our way downtown to the Holiday Inn which was located in the center of the city. It was interesting driving in a new city, let alone at night with all the signs in Spanish and where the streets are packed with ... read more
Playa Negra
Playa Negra
At the "Spa" at the volcano

Ok, so these are all pics of myself, which is a pretty vain thing to post. But F it, I like them. We rented a house in Pargos, which is the town nearest to Playa Negra. All the pictures were taken by two professional photographers - Alfonso and Bob - who hang out at Playa Negra taking and selling their pictures. So thanks to both of them.... read more
Commute to work
09-11-27 Noviembre 161

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