Eco Farming in N.W. Costa Rica

Published: October 27th 2013
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Sunset 1
So, after my return to the U.S. after my last trip I was working in Los Angeles and just could not fathom doing this type of life any longer than was necessary. I managed to live in the states for about 6 months, but 3 of those was spent searching for work. I ended up getting a nice job in Augora Hills and renting a room on a golf course there close to work and since I already knew I wanted to head out soon on my next adventure I was lucky to get the job that I could ride a bike everyday to so I could save money by not buying a car, insurance, gas etc etc. I eventually quit that job after three months mainly because my supervisor was an ass, but also I did not save hardly anything, but anyone who knows me knows that is not a deterrent. I booked my flight to Costa Rica to visit some friends in San Jose for a couple of weeks before heading to the NW side of the country to help a friend with his Eco farm and such for a couple months before heading north to Honduras for my

Sunset 2
first ESL job and the start of my career starting at the end of January. It was summer time now in Costa Rica so that means noooooo rain whatsoever for a while and my friends location was close to the beach there. It was truly an experience of a lifetime with him and his longtime Costa Rican girlfriend who live simply (as far as sustainable living goes) He owns sooooo much land there that he sells pieces to people who come there to retire and live a laid back lifestyle. He bought all of this over 20 years ago when it was dirt cheap and is sitting on a gold mine now. Some of the daily things I did there to help out are going in the jungle to get whole trees with leaves for the free range goats they raise, as well as digging veggie beds for the gardens and watering everything because as I mentioned it was summer and no rain so EVERYTHING needs water everyday! I have said to him on many occasions that his lifestyle is truly envious as well as the hotel he started building years ago but never finished it, it's like a huge

Strange blue bird who hates and yells at humans lol no joke!
tree house as you will see in the pics. The best part of everyday was the sunset over the Pacific Ocean which I took many many pictures of! I also came up with the idea of taking one the queen sized bed frames and making a garden out of it on the balcony of the separate house I was staying in. It worked out well! VERY well actually. This place was paradise! Great nature, people, small little community and wildlife everywhere! Anyways it came mid January and my birthday which they threw me a small little party on the rooftop of the tree house which overlooks the jungle right down to the Ocean and we ate and had some drinks. A few days later I left for Honduras by bus and said goodbye and good luck as well as thank you for all the great hospitality!

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Awesome sunset from my balcony

Can you see it?

ALMOST gone!

Pretty amazing!

Local bees

Small flat spiders

shell I found at the beach

The Crew

The babies

Cool blue eyes!

The Howler monkeys would roam around the jungle through the trees 5 ft from my balcony

Hangin out!

The bed garden

I started this Orange tree from a seed

he's a swinger

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