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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Nosara November 22nd 2015

On the first night, Sean convinced me to walk down the long, winding, muddy path to the beach. It was almost pitch black and we were in thick brush. I kept asking if we could turn back but he encouraged me to continue on. At one point the path was flooded and we had to walk through shallow water. A few people coming the other way told us the water is beautiful. We could hear the ocean before we got there, and when we did it was incredible. We had the entire beach to ourselves and the waves were huge and moonlit. And there were so many stars!... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Nosara November 22nd 2015

We were on a mission for tasty pizza ever since we met a nice American lady at the car rental spot who said Nosara's pizza is delicious. We split a whole pizza! Sean says it was "good".... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Nosara January 26th 2015

It's siesta time at Playa Guiones on the Nicoya Peninsula. The cool of early morning has made way for a baking midday sun and everyone but the hardiest surfers has shrunk into the cool provided by the sea almond trees which border the beach. In the past two weeks we have seen both Costa Rican Pacific peninsulas; firstly the Osa on the southern coast, close to the border with Panamá, and then the Nicoya, a long strip of land which stretches north from central Costa Rica, encompassing Guanacaste Province, and on to the Nicaragua border. Both are wonderful places, brimming with wildlife, cool people and amazing scenery, but starkly contrasting. Osa is wet, green and verdant with tropical evergreen forest and an abundance of birds, insects, amphibians and mammals. Nicoya is hot and dusty with stunning ... read more
Santa Tersa sunset
Golden frog, Drake Bay
Green leaf frog, Drake Bay

Few days ago there was an interesting article from A.M. Costa Rica (online Costa Rican newspapers) talking about green turtles that have adopted to hotter beaches. The article says, that University of Exeter (Exeter, Devon UK) conducted a research that shows some turtles are naturally heat-tolerant. This research was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B and it was focused on green turtles that are nesting on Ascension Island, an overseas territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. What scientists from the universities of Exeter and Groningen found is that eggs laid by turtles nesting on a naturally hot beach withstand high temperatures better than eggs from turtles nesting on a cooler beach just a few kilometers away. Since the warmer beach has dark sand it is two or three degrees Celsius warmer than the neighboring ... read more

Geo: 9.98333, -85.65Another lovely day here. Today while swimming in our pool a little lizard decided to join us.... read more
Swimming lizard
Lizard that joined us in the pool
Playa Guiones

Geo: 9.98333, -85.65June 20thToday we have seen five different types of iguanas and lizards. A huge green iguana was in a tree outside our home. He came down the tree and went on to our pool shed before going into a huge hibiscus hedge. We watched him eat leaves from it and we got very close to him. Later that day as we sat and watched tv a purple and orange crab ran over my toes on his way out of our house!!... read more
green lizard
Iguana on our roof
Green Iguana

Geo: 9.98333, -85.65June 19Today is Father's Day. As you can see from the photo Jim had a hard day in the pool. Great way for him to spend the day and in the evening we went to a lovely sunset bar for a drink before a wonderful seafood dinner. We really enjoyed the amazing sunset.... read more
Playa Pelada
Nosara Sunset
Nosara Sunset

Geo: 9.98333, -85.65June 18thLast night a troop of Howler Monkeys slept in a tree right beside our house. We have had great fun watching their antics in the trees above us. Every time a motor bikes goes by on the road by us the Howlers howl at them. Guess they don't like the sound of the bikes!! Either do we.... read more
Howler and baby

Geo: 9.98333, -85.65Yesterday we left Atenas for our four hour drive to Playa Guiones in the province of Guanacaste. It is a surf town along the Pacific Coast. We arrived mid afternoon to our home there. This area is very humid, lush and very warm. This morning we were woken early to the sounds of howler monkeys in the trees not far from our house. After breakfast we watched a large troop of howler monkeys go thru the trees beside our house. They were all sizes and we could easily see them eating things in the trees. Very exciting. I also saw an iguana on our roof looking down on us. He looked very regal up there peering down on us. Later as we were in the pool the howler monkeys went by again and entertained ... read more
Cattle on the main road
Playa Pelada

Geo: 9.98333, -85.65June 17Another wonderful day here at Playa Guiones. Everyday is about the same. In the pool before breakfast. With breakfast we usually have fresh pineapple, mango, papaya and bananas. Followed by a lovely long walk on the beach watching surfers. Back home and into the pool. Read, swim, read, swim… enjoy this lovely paradise.As we walked along the beach the past few days you could see young rays just a short way off shore. Fun to watch.... read more
Beach Crab
Beach Walk Playa Guiones
Beach Walk Playa Guiones

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