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After a very typical Costa Rican breakfast of eggs with rice and beans + some fruit and a little extra time on the beach, I headed north east from Tamarindo towards Liberia, one of Costa Rica’s larger centres. I’m happy to report that my trip did not include ANY gravel roads! One of the first places I noticed as I was driving into town was a Wal-Mart, followed by McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Burger King, Subway…I must say I was a bit tempted to go for the familiarity of a chocolate milkshake, but when traveling, we try to avoid anything we could do/eat back home. So instead I opted for a fruit smoothie from a small stand as I walked around the town square and downtown area. I visited a church while there, one of the ... read more

Je crois que l'on peut dire que ça y'est, nous avons passés la barre des 100 piqures de moustiques.... Je pense que nous pouvons le dire, nous sortons de notre première belle expérience humaine. 10 jours de travails, chez nos nouveaux amis Mack, Oscar et Luis, en plein milieu de la forêt tropical à Fortuna de Bagaces, au pied du volcan Miravalles nous ont permis en quelques jours de nous fondre quelques instants dans le quotidien de ces amoureux de la nature. Nous pouvons être fière de dire que nous avons rangé la forêt tropical costaricaine! Keep the peach --> ont vas maintenant tater de l'ocean! Here we are... The threshold of the 100 mosquitos bites is reached! I think we can say it: we just did our first very nice human experience. 10 days of ... read more
Sapo Mack

Most of what you hear about as a "must see" in Costa Rica is the rainforests (after the monkeys, of course). Well, Tuesday was rainforest day for the girls. Mike wisely decided to stay behind, even though we were promised that the tour company would make it easy for him to enjoy. WRONG...there was not one part of the trip (other than the lunch, possibly) that the girls and I figured he would have enjoyed. But, we were completely overwhelmed by the scenery and rainforest. It even made an hour and forty-five minute bus trip over really rickety (purple?) roads worth it. After a horseback ride from the base of the crater to the beginning of the forest trail, we began the climb. And what a climb...over a suspension bridge, up carved-in trails, through the woods, ... read more
Nora & Kate in Waterfall
Suspension Bridge

Mirrivalles Hotel Yoko 9/05/06 Monday (P.M.) Just about 12:40, DAMN good time! Maybe not quite 1.5, more like 45 mins!!!! So, Adios Johnny Loco! He could speak some English and slang so we had fun! A hotel for families around that come with kids to relax in the HOT pools... Got room #11 'on-ce', for practice, NO HAMMOK! BUT, look! Yes that is an elongated toilet! Called the pic 'Accident waiting to happen'..... The Mushroom pool/fountain, is where the HOT water,(@108F), comes from the ICE Thermal Generating station, pond. Says Davier. All the land is an old plantation, friut trees and cattle grazing. At only 5 km from the Mirrivalles Canopy and waterfalls, a great stop for Gringos. Oh Yeah, the mono-pod works great! that's me in fromt of Mt. Mirrivalles. Thx Terry! another day coming. ... read more
Accident waiting to happen
Mushroom Fountain
Me and Mirrivalles

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