Costa Rica 2007

Published: January 22nd 2010
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At last we were able to come back to Costa Rica, 2 years after the firs trip in 2005!
Between the 2 trips visited some places in Quebec and in the states, (kentucky), but i really wanted to come back - Mi paraiso!

We began by going to Carara national park, making sure to stop on the bridge over rio Tarcoles. One of the stop to easily watch a big group of Crocodiles.
We then headed to Manuel Antonio park, a famous and small park, yet very interesting. Wildlife is easy to see here, at least the most popular ones.
Moved south to Uvita and Marino Ballena park, and stayed in Uvita. The beach is superb, with the jungle in background!
One entrance of the park leads to the Tombolo, a liitle strech of sand, when it's low tide, to access a small rocky island, one km from the coast! While in Uvita, in our cabina, took nice shots of critters in the night, close to a stream.
Moved south again to Golfito. Visited the park just close to the town, which had nice views of the gulf below. Wanted to go to Corcovado, but that was too complicated at the time.
Took the interamericana North, in the mountains. This is a fantastic ride and a very scenic ride. You go up until you reach maximal height at Cerro de la muerte, (Death mountain), where there are no more trees.
Reached Cartago, and then headed to very nice Orosi, tucked in a valley, surrounded by coffee fields. While there, visited remote Tapanti park, and an other day, the Irazu volcano.
We then moved to Guanacaste and stayed south of Liberia. We visited the Lomas Barbudal and Rincon de la Vieja park. Rincon park, has very impressive volcanic displays, (fumaroles, little mud volcanoes, etc..). At Liberia, we made new friends, part of local congregation. we kept contact with them up to this day.
After, we moved to La Fortuna, and stayed in a very nice cabina, with direct views of the Arenal volcano. This time, the volcano was very active, and we took a lots of pictures because it was not covered in clouds, liike the other time. It threw some rocks, smoke, and trembled with a loud noise. Very impressive!
We then moved to Aguas Zarcas and visited the surroudings.
Finally, we went to Alajuela for the last days. We made friends there too, that received us at their place, and accompanied us the kingdom hall.

I took a lot of pictures. At first i put about 45 of them because i was in a hurry. Today i have added more, to really show all the places we went.

Additional photos below
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30th March 2011
Loving blog on Rincon de la Vieja. I went to the Rincón de la Vieja (The Old Lady's Corner) National Park. Rincón de la Vieja is the name of an active Costa Rican volcano and this park protects the volcano, neighboring volcanoes and the watershed that stems from their slopes. That watershed is significant and includes 32 rivers and 16 seasonal streams which combined provide most of the water for the entire province of Guanacaste to the west.

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