Parque Nacional Rincon dela Vieja

Published: October 23rd 2013
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Today we visited the Parque National Rincon dela Vieja, which is a national park based around a volcano, approximately 25km from Liberia, where we are staying. We got picked up at 7am in a 4x4 truck required for the poor road to the park. On arrival we were given a map and directed to the two trails. The first was a 5km trek through dense forest and open grasslands, finishing at Catarata la Cangreja, a high waterfall plunging into a beautiful blue lagoon. Once there we went for a swim in the cool fresh water which was a welcome refreshment from the heat. We then hiked the 5km back to the ranger station ready to start the next trail. The second was a circular route up and down steep paths through forest, passing another couple of waterfalls, some boiling pools and bubbling mud pits. Unfortunately we could not swim in any of these, so we couldn't make mud masks or steam our skin, but they were fascinating to watch! And hear...and smell! This trail was about 3.5km in total so more relaxing apart from the steep climbs! On our way round we saw (and heard!) some howler monkeys, many agoutis, which look like large longer legged guinea pigs, a couple of large birds, a snake, a huge frog and some giant bright green insect/spider creature! I looked up what they all were on the way home, but can no longer remember without the book in front of me. Once back at the ranger station for a final time, we headed to the car and got our lift back to the hotel, exhausted after our full day of hiking in the sun.

We returned to the hotel very muddy but glowing from the day of adventure, showered, ate in the hotel and fell asleep early.

It was a great day spent in Costa Rican nature, with some fabulous views along the way.


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