On the Road Again

Published: June 4th 2009
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Tim enjoys the breezeTim enjoys the breezeTim enjoys the breeze

Can you believe this! Tim is awake on a moving vehicle. Buses are fun as long as they are moving-- when they stop you start to sweat!
Now it is Monday and we all are up early to get showers and pack up to leave. Kristen and Allison need to leave early to get back to Orosi for classes at noon and Tim and I need to get to Siquirres for a 12:30 pm bus to Cano Blanco, then a boat from there to Parismina. We all had breakfast downstairs at the Interamericano Hotel which was really great. This was the same breakfast that Tim had yesterday. The girls got packed up and Tim and I walked them to the bus station. We said our good-byes and they purchased their tickets to Paraismina and they will change buses there and hopefully make it back to Orosi in time for school. We have exchanged email addresses and I hope they are able to read of our future travels. Hello to Kristen and Allison if you are getting our blogs! We were so happy to have such wonderful traveling companeras for the weekend. Hopefully the people in Orosi will get to know them each personally as we did and call them by their names instead of "las gemelas" (the twins).

Tim and I went to the internet cafe and

This is our friend Hilary who we met on the bus from Turrialba to Siquirres. She and her mom both spoke some English with us.
I had trouble with my flash drive. We went back to the hotel and I gathered my computer and stuff and headed to another internet cafe that had wireless and cables for connecting. I was able to add on my last two diary entries and photos. After that I returned back to the hotel for final packing and headed back to the bus station. Now, I am writing this diary entry on the bus to Siquirres. Tim is snoozing besides me (to those who know Tim, this is very typical!). The girls were laughing at him yesterday in the afternoon as his head rolled around while we were returning back to the hotel by taxi.

One thing that we have noticed since leaving the Orosi valley is how hot Turrialba is. This morning after walking the girls to the bus station we were already sweating and it was only 8:30am. After we returned to the hotel Tim used the time while I was at the internet place to take a second shower. We are likely to encounter similar heat along the caribbean coast and we will not have any problems with cold water showers if that is all that
Notes from HilaryNotes from HilaryNotes from Hilary

our friend gave us notes while we were riding in the bus. All the kids are so friendly -- I guess they are not so "stranger danger" conscious.
is available. And traveling by bus is quite nice with the breeze but you really feel the heat when it stops. With the rain in the afternoons it makes everything more tolerable, except getting the luggage wet!


4th June 2009

Monday May 25
I have internet access after 10 days of Island Life! So you are getting the info a little delayed. I hope to be home later on June 4!

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