A Dinner Party Every Night at the B&B!

Published: October 9th 2006
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A truck in AtenasA truck in AtenasA truck in Atenas

I liked this photo, taken through a window (obviously!)
Food, food and more food….

I must admit I do love it when I have guests of the B&B who love food, and love to cook! I do fairly well preparing breakfast, but dinner is still beyond my modest talents. This month is definitely a fun one at the B&B! We have some terrific long-term guests including Deb & Bob who are considering moving here, Renee (from my former home of Washington, DC), an architect who is here for a month working on on a land development project, and Jake, who is also considering moving here. They’re all very fun and enjoy good food. Bob in particular loves to cook as he finds it relaxing and has offered to cook for the group as often as we’d like. Can life get any better!? I think my new marketing slogan for the B&B is going to be: “Breakfast and a dinner party included every day!”

Last night’s dinner included an incredible chicken dish with perfectly cooked rice, fried onions, peppers, and….okay, I need to stop!

Most importantly, though, it’s so incredible meeting new people from all over. One learns so many new things from new people and finds out about the many perspectives on life whether it’s about moving to Costa Rica, U.S. politics, and more.

Meeting new people….

It’s been fun meeting new people who have moved to San Ramon, including my newest friends Preston and Mike. Both 22 from the U.S., they moved to San Ramon just three months ago, right after finishing college. They’ve already “turned heads” in San Ramon, partly because they outfitted their entire home with everything available from “Maxi Bodega” (a combination of Walmart/grocery store—an incidentally owned by Walmart), including, I think, even the kitchen sink! Preston (from Rochester, NY), like me, is a huge Yankees fan and my DirecTV with ESPN provided the perfect venue for watching the Yankees go down in flames in the American League Division series. Somehow, though, Preston managed to get his laundry done while here!

Already entrepreneurs, they’re working on some very interesting land projects in the area and it’s been fun working with them. They’re bringing tremendous energy and a breath of fresh air to San Ramon, and more importantly, they plan to give back to the area by donating some of the profits from their work to the local community. I’ll provide more details as the project develops and the website goes live. Should be interesting though!

Also, in my work to kick off “Boomers in Costa Rica Tours,” I’ve met many terrific people throughout the Central Valley including Isabelle and Howard, land developers/real estate agents in Atenas. They’re involved in opening an American school in Atenas (email me if you want more information) so we attended a fundraiser at “Ricks’ Internet Café” in Atenas. I think I’m getting to know the ex-pats in Atenas as well as the ex-pats in San Ramon at this point. While I love San Ramon, it’s always good to know there are great people in some of the other towns in the area.

Weather update….

I’ve been asked what the weather has been like lately in the area. I’m pleased to say that it has been terrific! We’ve been having very sunny mornings and early afternoons with only a few showers in the afternoon. In fact, it hasn’t even been raining every day! So far, this rainy season has been both warm and a lot less rainy than last year. If we can make through October, we’ll be well on our way to the dry season!

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and for your comments! Keep ‘em coming!

Pura Vida!

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9th October 2006

NY Baseball
Andrew - too bad about your Yankees - My NY Mets are still playing ball!! This may be their year
9th October 2006

The Yankees..and Mets
I was born in NY so if the Yankees don't work out, I'm just as happy to support the Mets! A NY pennant is still a NY pennant, no matter the team! Andrew
30th October 2006

I love it!
Andrew - I want to come to Costa Rica just to meet your friends!! Miss you! xoxo Debi

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