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Published: October 1st 2007
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Hello All!

I am embarrassed at how long it's been since I've written. As promised, I'd like to give a shout out to Peter and Sue from Rhode Island. They were the ones that gave me the most grief for not updating this blog. But no worries, I still think Costa Rica is the best place in the world to live.

As you can probably see from my picture, yes I did buy a puppy. I named her Finquita, which means " small farm" because she is like my " little project." When I bought her, she actually had a virus that the doctors said would more than likely take her life. However, Dr. David, a San Ramon Vet worked with her everyday for a week until she finally recovered. She has proven to be the sweetest dog in the world, and barely ever barks. Presently she has a new owner, as I realized with the amount of work I'm doing I wasn't going to be there for her, so I gave her away to a retired Jazz musician, Joe and his wife Leslie. I think the decision has brought happiness to everyone.

We are still spending a lot of time with our retirement and real estate tour, www.BoomersinCostaRica.com. The business has turned into one of the most rewarding "jobs" I've experienced. The relationship we build with our clients has a great tendency to turn into important friendship. We are able to meet so many interesting people who also share the dream of moving here full or part time. On our most recent tour, a couple from Vermont made me laugh harder than I can ever remember. We spent time traveling around the Central Valley really experiencing the less-commercial aspects of why this country is so terrific. For example, one evening we visited a local family and listened to their son play music for us. He was extremely talented and you could see how proud everyone was of him. They family seemed so incredibly close. It made me think about how the stress of making ends meet can really lead to a separation of family. It got me thinking how important it is to take a breath, look around, and really take in what you've got, especially from those that love you.

I hope some of you will take me up on this offer... We are launching a new website soon that will allow people to chat with me simply by visiting the website. I'm going to try to be available to answer questions you might have about Costa Rica for at least 1 hour a day, at a set time, most likely in the evening. However, you may always send a question or a message from this blog site. I love getting your comments and questions. I find it encouraging to see how many people are interested in this alternative in paradise.

Keep in touch!

Preston Gitlin
CR Communities, S.A.
San Ramon de Alajuela, Costa Rica
(506) 346-5753


2nd October 2007

Hey Preston, Good job updating you blog. Sorry you had to give away your dog. I think you had just got her when we were there in May and she was sick. I'm glad she got better. The couple from Vermont called me and it sounds like they are on the same schedule as we are. We'll let you get all the kinks out of the process and then we will have smooth sailing. Take care.
4th October 2007

Rewarding experiences
What Preston doesn't mention about the Boomers in Costa Rica Tour is that it is so rewarding because he's so damn good at it! Keep updating your blog. We all want to know about your life down here, even those of us who know you!

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