Salsa, Our Project, and some thoughts!

Published: May 15th 2007
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Hey Everyone!

I realize it's been a while since I've written anything, but believe me, it's because I've been as busy as ever. Only a couple months away from my one year anniversary of the move to Costa Rica, life has never been better. I finally started taking Salsa lessons (3 private classes for a whopping 12 bucks a class!) It has been one of the more rewarding experiences thus far. I believe it's important to learn and participate in the cultural aspects of a new country. My goal at the beginning of my trip was to become fluent in Spanish, integrate fully into the culture, and to contribute to the community that gave me this opportunity. So far so good. My spanish is improving drastically, the Salsa and the cooking are picking up, and we are now dedicating proceeds from our project to Costa Rica's third national school of art and music.

Project Update

If you drive through Magallanes you can now see red flags staking out the home sites. All of the hard work has paid off, and we are moving along smoothly. Andrew and Mike have proven to be ideal partners who I can trust, depend on, and enjoy a unique friendship. I expect to start construction on my house in the early part of 2008.

Some Thoughts

Usually, I try not to be too too political, but after living in Europe, the U.S. and now Costa Rica it's become pretty apparent just how important our image is around the world. Anti-Americanism has by far reached an all time high, and it's sad for a few reasons. I think it's a sorry excuse to blame it on jealousy or ignorance. In my opnion, the anti-American sentiment is almost a compliment. The people of other countires EXPECT more from us. Since WW2 we have led the world in many ways, and in order to continue our success we must not alienate other nations. For many of you that know me, you might find this as a surprise, but I strongly support Barack Obama. While I don't agree with each of his view points, his credibility, track record, and clear awareness of how important our standards and value system affect our standing in the world, give our country a new hope. While it may very well turn out he's just like any other politician, I believe we've got the best shot by giving him a shot.

Anyways, thinks for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate your feed back and I hope to meet more people who are adventurous enough to make the move down here! IT'S WELL WORTH IT.

Preston Gitlin
CR Communities, S.A.

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25th May 2007

What a GREAT experience!
What a great blog and experience you are having in Costa Rica. Most people should be so lucky! You are doing great things and should be proud! Best of luck in your endeavors!
25th May 2007

Been a while
Dearest P-buddy, Glad to hear your experience in Costa Rica is going so well. Has it already been a year? And you only just now learned salsa? For shame! But better late then never I suppose. Sounds like your business is doing well; good job! Have you been keeping in touch with Verny and Marina? I haven't :-( I've been a sack of minor bad habits and unfinished tasks lately. Anywho, we need to catch up sometime. In case you don't have it, my email is since I never use AIM anymore. Hit me up soon! We'll talk! Word!
9th June 2007

Dude...going back to the states is straaaaaaange. Not an entirely comfortable feeling. How'd you cope? Btw, rumor has it that I might be heading down to CR this winter break.

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