Weds Mar 17th.

Published: March 17th 2011
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Dear all,

That last entry was pretty random- i´m going to write these pretty spontaneously as my head is busy trying to get around lots of other things. I´m now two days into teaching. How relaxed everyone is is taking some acclimatisation, as is ´Tico time´- deadlines, class times etc are very flexible! The clocktower opposite this internet cafe, the main one in a large town, has two faces which are half an hour apart.

After a scorching jungle bus ride I was received in a very friendly way by my host family. Biggest spanish blooper so far - though my dictionary assures me that ´hacer canguro´means ´to babysit´, at least in Costa Rica it means ´to do the kangaroo´.

My first lesson at the school - how to catch pigs and vaccinate them in the rear.

The school is clearly seen as a model one in the area. Busloads of american tourists visit it and watch the children dance. They did the hokey-kokey with the going into the middle taken out - it was all i could do not to go in anyway to prevent such blasphemy.

Rice and beans 3 meals a day. I´m going to go turtle fishing with my host dad... whether to eat those too?

Over and out!



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