A tab bit late...

Published: June 7th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

The picture on my profile says it all...that is the mess that was me packing a day before leaving...if you look at the lower right hand corner you will see a pink stuffed animal judging me...I did not even realize this until a moment ago...Lets begin...

Day 1 ( Departure/ Arrival) ( June 1, 2010)

As Sarai, muy sister, left my side and I took one good look at the doors before me, I quickly considered my options. I could continue walking towards the door onto this so called "journey" or I could simply start sprinting towards her grabbing her legs begging she take me back home. I imagine myself as a little girl with ponytails holding a small backpack and an even smaller square lunchbox. I am being left at the bus stop on the very first day of school...it is just one of those things...so I turned back around and headed towards the security checkpoint. This is many peoples most dreaded part of flying now and days but it was a breeze. There was no long line so I quickly walked through and off I was into the mouth of the massive airport. The walk towards my gate felt like one of those movies when they show the astronauts walking in slow motion, I must have looked like a crazy strutting in slow motion winking and pointing at people while tossing my hair back and forth. Well...maybe it did not happen quite like that but as I thought of it I laughed to myself thus insuring that I did indeed look like a crazy to those around me. In retrospect I should have done it because it would have been epic/ awkward...but then I tripped on my shoelace...*sigh*

The rest was pretty standard, I got my ticket checked at the front gate and BAM...off I was to Costa Rica. Everything went by really quickly expect when I had to fill out the forms...forms and shoelaces will be the end of me.

Day 1/2 ( Hostel) ( June 1-2, 2010)

As of this moment...this is by far my favorite/ most memorable experience. When I first arrived I felt a wee lost, I knew no one and no one knew me. I had a few bags and some keys that was all...this was not so for long. I found my room, Dorm 5, and it was an 8 bedder. I was number 34, all the beds appeared to be taken except for one of the top bunk. I set my stuff up and off I went to check in with mother before she frantically begins calling all of Costa Rica looking for me in a frantic state. Oh and on that note, there is apparently a one hour difference between Houston and Costa Rica that I was unaware of...had I rested for a bit I would have woken up to sirens and helicopters looking for me...but as I was saying...I went and wrote everyone an email and then I went back to the room to change clothes and there I met Orella. She was one of my roommates and she was from Ireland...she was in Costa Rica because Aerosmith was having a concert...how random is that?!? Aerosmith in Costa Rica...on the day I arrive. Anyhoo, we spoke a bit and then parted ways and that is when I met another roomate that was from Canada, coolest accent. She was in Costa Rica meeting her friend before going on a week of vacation. She was super nice and we ended up eating dinner together and chatting a bit.

To be continued...


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