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Geo: 9.74892, -83.7534I'm not a huge fan of hot springs - sure, they're a nice spot for a soak after a long day on the ski slopes, and they feel great for those achy muscles and weary bones. But in North America, more often than not, those hot springs are a nasty human soup, a filthy mixture of humanity, dead skin, and floating band aids! They've never felt like a luxurious experience - at least, not until today at Tabacon, the biggest and best hot springs that Costa Rica has to offer.Even though temperatures are much cooler at this elevation, the idea of visiting hot springs in Costa Rica still seems a bit odd - things peaked at probably 28 or 29 degrees today, so it was counter intuitive to be spending so much time in ... read more
The Coolest Hot Springs Ever!
View of Arenal From the Pool
Tabacon's Terraces ...

My plan was to write this entry before I left for the turtle place. After I was packed and ready to go to the bus, I sorted through my pictures and started writing. As soon as my fingers hit the keys, my ride arrived (over 30 minutes early!). So, now I am writing it from my bunk at Playa Cameronal. I have no idea when I am going to be able to post this, and I’m actually feeling a little overwhelmed (in a good way). But, I definitely don’t want to forget what happens on this trip, and the blog has been a good way to sort out my thoughts. So, here we go. After my week at the language school, I was definitely ready to go out and see some of Costa Rica. Fortunately, an ... read more

hola mis amigos! well, what a crazy week it certainly has been. ironically we are right back where we were exactly a week ago in alejuela (right outside san jose) and are somehow already heading to peru tomorrow. I cannot express in words what these past 2 weeks here have taught me and I feel very enlightened as a worldy individual. but enough of these thoughts, haha.. let me fill you in on this past week. last monday went well without a hitch.. carla and nikki arrived safely and on time and we made our way to the same bus station in san jose to find a bus to monteverde. after a good soda meal and a few cervezas, we were on our way. the ride there was absolutely breathtaking- up and up and up into ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » La Fortuna » Tabacon September 13th 2006

Short on Arenal and Tabacon: the pics say it all! I am getting my 'hot water massage therapy' 2 time a day for 2 days. Korina, I have met your match! They still offer full spa treatments here, for $$$$$...too much! Go to this URL for more on the hotel I stayed at: see all the pics.....I couldn't get me in the water...Da... WiFi in reception here, costs $15 for 24 hour access to net.. This is a 5 star hotel, and they know it! Gully washers off and on both days! Still nice and cool. Hotel is at 2000 ft above sea level. The volcano is @11,000. ... read more
Da Rainbow!
From my room!

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