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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Atenas September 16th 2014

Geo: 9.95906, -84.3883Once we were seated on the plane we both closed our eyes to try and sleep. We were lucky as the plane was not full, so we had three seats between the two of us. One of us decided she should stretch out and sleep while her wonderful partner got stuck sitting prone in his seat!We were very happy to see that our luggage also made it home with us. Our taxi driver picked us up soon as we walked out of the terminal and we had a lovely day waiting us. Everything here is so beautiful and green and the sky are vibrantly blue. Those are a couple of the reasons we are always happy to come home to Costa Rica. When we arrived the jungle had crept in a little closer to ... read more
Back to enjoying our lovely home
In the afternoon the rain welcomed us home
It is still paradise to us.

When I set out to plan my year long adventure in Costa Rica, I wrote an earlier blog titled "Preparing to move out of the Country? Some Things to Consider" about things to consider when planning an international move such as the one I was about to embark on. Now that I'm nearly 1/3 of the way through my year abroad I figured it would be a good time to go back and report on whether my planning was realistic and / or whether I would amend my previous advice. Planning topic #1 from previous post: Can I live here legally for 1 year? It turns out my research in this area provided me with correct and important advice. While some people have suggested I might have been successful in applying for an extension to my ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Atenas February 21st 2013

Here is a short and simple photo tutorial on how to use a tico-style washing machine. I used this washer for the first 6 weeks while living in Costa Rica so I got lots of practice. While I did manage to sucessfully get my clothes clean using it, I am very grateful to have an automated washer and dryer now hooked up to use. The tico washer usually took at me between half an hour to an hour to get through all of my clothes. Then I would have to go hang them all to dry. The washer I currently have takes just a minute of my time to start a load and does all the washing without my involvement.... read more
laundry 1 turn on faucet
laundry 2 add soap and clothes
laundry 3 put into spinner

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Atenas February 21st 2013

So much for staying on top of my blogging, I think I'm just shy of being one month since my last update! Oh well, I think I can basically get everyone up to speed. The past month has taught me a lot about the pace of life here and that I just need to relax, be patient and eventually things will get done. When I told some relatives incrediously how complicated it was to get all of the uniform pieces for the kids and how the school couldn't provide me with a daily school schedule or lunch prices prior to the start of school, they just laughed and said that sounded about right. So, now that you've gotten a peek into what I've been coping with here's what's been going on. At the end of January ... read more
monkey at Manuel Antonio
katie burying ian in the sand at Manuel Antonio
ian and grandpa examining plants at Monteverde

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Atenas January 26th 2013

We've been in Costa Rica for almost a month and I can happily report that we are adjusting very nicely. Our house is starting to feel more like home now that we've added a few personal touches, the SUV we purchased has proven reliable and comfortable to drive and we're now gearing up for school to start in the next couple of weeks. My husband returned to the States almost two weeks ago, and while saying goodbye made us all sad, we've kept in touch nearly everyday via video chat over the internet so we're not as lonely for each other as I thought we would be. We are all adjusting to our new normal. One relative asked me during a video chat the other day what had surprised me most so far, and I replied ... read more
hanging out at grandpa's house
jazeiel and katie

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Atenas January 7th 2013

We'll it hasn't been quite a full week that I've been in Costa Rica, but so much has happened already I'd better get some of this documented or my blog posts are going to turn into novels. Our travels were for the most part uneventful. We tried out Spirit Airlines because the tickets were such a good deal. I would say we made a good choice, but for others considering flying with them (because they will almost always show up as the cheapest option if you've selected a route they fly) just a few little words of caution. First, the price you see is not the real price of your flight. It is the price before you pay for things like seat assignments and luggage. For us, the flights were still cheaper even after paying for ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Atenas December 23rd 2012

We left Jaco and headed east to the little town of Atenas, where we will be staying over Christmas and New Years (19 days total). The town is very laid back; so unlike some of the other places we've been too. We are treated just like regular folk and not tourists so much. People are not trying to get you in their taxis, restaurants or sell you souvenirs. The town is situated in the "Central Valley" about an hour away from the capital, San Jose. From where we sit near the pool at our guest house we can hear the church bells chime the hours away. The town is named after Athens in Greece. The only reason I can figure why (as it doesn't look like it in the least) is the resemblance of the better ... read more
View from the restaurant on the ridge
Ox Cart in Sarchi

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Atenas November 8th 2012

Third day in CR - relaxing by the pool. Highly recommend the "Hotel La Rosa De America". Not a five star hotel but a real nice budget place, clean and friendly and everybody speaks english (which is great as our Spanish isn't so hot). The garden is amazing. The place is owned by a Canadian military guy from Prince Rupert. Yesterday we bused up to Atenas where we met up with my old friend Ron. He has been a godsend. our bank cards have not been working so Ron took us to at least 5 banks to help us out. He's been teaching us Spanish, introducing us to dentists (Spanky the dentist - as I had a terrible tooth ache) and helping us get around. Took a huge learning curve out of the first few days ... read more
Hotel La Rosa America
Costa Rica Nov.8th,2012 028
Costa Rica Nov.8th,2012 027

Geo: 9.98333, -84.3833Atenas is a lovely little community. We have enjoyed our stay here. We have enjoyed doing some touring of neighbouring communities. We have also enjoyed seeing some lovely birds from the home we are staying at. I was lucky to see two toucans in the neighbouring yard from us. What amazing birds. We also saw two different types of vultures - a red headed turkey vulture and a black vulture - but we want them to know that we are not that old!!... read more
Patio area and pool
Living area and kitchen
Living area and hall to bedrooms

Geo: 9.98333, -84.3833It was sad to leave our lovely jungle home in Uvita today. We travelled back up the coast through Quepos and Jaco. We arrived in the small village of Atenas. It is best known as having the most pleasant climate in the world, at least according to National Geographic. We will see if we agree. We will be staying in Atenas for five nights. It is definitely not as humid as Uvita was, and much less jungle-like. We miss the howler monkeys already! We are staying in a very nice home here with a very beautiful view.... read more

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