Dry as a bone....sort of

Published: March 7th 2011
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The title of today's blog entry is due to the fact that we are without water here for now. Actually we're on their emergency backup system but just to flush toilets. Evidently this is affecting all of Atenas. Since it's Sunday they won't try to fix the problem until tomorrow. So no shower for me this evening.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting Barb at the bus station to take the bust to the airport like we did before. Once again Maria Elena will pick us up there but this time we're going to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens Falls Nature Park. You can check it out through this link. I'll be taking many photos but won't be downloading them to my blog until after I get to Maryland. http://www.waterfallgardens.com/

This park should be amazing with all the birds, butterflies, etc. Lots of Kodak Moments! The main reason Barb wanted to go is because her cousin from the states is now down here for a visit so they are going to meet up there at the park. And Maria Elena once again volunteered to drive us from Alajuela, which is very generous of her.

When I found out we would be without water to drink until tomorrow I went to the store to buy bottled water and on my way out of the compound here I ran into a Tica I met several weeks ago, Maribel...you might remember. She comes here to visit a friend from time to time but she lives near Poas Volcan. She was here with her teenage daughter. I had hoped to meet up with her at her home in Poas and see her souvenir store there but it just hasn't worked out. The three of us had a nice conversation about trying to learn English in Costa Rica. According to them it's expensive and up until recently many of the teachers were good enough with the grammar to be teaching it. Maribel gave me a gift, the bracelet she was wearing which was of course from her shop such a generous gesture! I then was thrilled to give her the food items I can't take with me when I leave on Wed. And she was very happy to have them! Other than the lovely weather here I will miss the Ticos the most!

Tomorrow I'll be excited to share with you about La Paz, which means "The Peace" in Spanish.

Hasta manana,


7th March 2011

I bet you are really going to miss your friends there....and the warmth. It looks like it won't be too cold while you are here, the first few days. It should be humid a bit too.
8th March 2011

there are several people I
will miss for sure. But we might communicate by email/skype. I've been checking your weather and it's good it won't be frigid. Hopefully you guys are done with that for this year!

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