Grand Cayman and Torrential rain

Published: April 28th 2017
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Grand Cayman

19th April Grand Cayman

A very humid and sultry day as we dropped anchor off Georgetown this morning.

We arrived after two other ships, it was going to be busy!!!

The population is some 50,000, outnumbered 20:1 every year by cruise passengers

Discovered by Christopher Columbus when blown off course has gone through the gambit of Spanish rule, part of Jamaica linked until 1962 when it became a Crown Colony with the Queen as Head of State and Jamaica became an Independent State.

In 1970 Cayman was established as a financial centre and is now recognised as the best known in the world.

Georgetown is charming or would be if there weren't 6000 cruise passengers getting of tenders to swamp the place.

We had a gentle walk away from the hustle and bustle of the harbour taking in the Town Hall, the Clock Tower and the 1919 Peace Memorial.Tall buildings are banned so little in architectural design, still there are some quaint facades.

The clouds were building up and it looked like a storm was brewing.

The storm broke mid afternoon, some unlucky people were caught up in it as they returned to the ship.

There was a flurry of activity on the other two ships trying to retrieve passengers and to avoid the torrential rain. The cruise ships were trying to manoeuvre to protect the tenders while offloading passengers.

The rain and thunderstorms were as the Commodore came on the tannoy he said were of 'biblical' proportions.

All lifts suddenly were out of action at about 5pm as water was flooding from above down ALL the lift shafts.

Stairwells in certain parts of the ship were flooded as the rain just kept coming down.

A passing comment from one of the officers when asked if we were in any danger quipped "you've only got to start worrying if the water is going up the stairs not coming down".

So the lifts were out, lots of huffing and puffing as we all had to use the stairs.

Worst of all the Commodore Club was flooded and closed for the night, Disaster!!!

By early evening, a couple of the lifts were back in action but not before new carpeting had been laid.

Just as well Victoria is going for a refit!!!!

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