Cayman Islands 2016 - last day

Published: March 12th 2016
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Our flight home wasn’t until 4:30 in the afternoon; we had a late check out for 1PM so we were able to enjoy our last morning. We started off with the breakfast buffet and some swimming down at the beach. Jeff and Jake had made a reservation on a banana boat excursion. It’s pretty much a speed boat towing a long inflatable raft shaped like a banana. You hold on tight and they take you for a ride. Izzy and I enjoyed swimming out to the dock while they were away. After they got back my friend Diane from High School came over with her baby Travis and we enjoyed some time on the beach and in the pool. Before you knew it, it was time to pack up and get ready to go home. We all showered and stored our luggage with the front desk then went to have one last lunch down by the beach. The weather was perfect and the food matched the atmosphere. We were ready to go home but thoroughly enjoyed the moment. Just as the lunch was ending, Izzy spotted someone passing out cotton candy and she was able to end her vacation with a
nice sugar rush.

After lunch we grabbed a cab to the airport, it was about a 15 minute drive. Getting through security was pretty easy except for Jeff forgetting he put sparklers from New Year's Eve in Jake’s suitcase (they got confiscated, woops). Once in the airport it was just one large room, Jeff went to duty free to buy some rum and hot sauce and the kids played on their computers. When we got on the plane there was someone sitting in our seats. A woman and a small child had been split up so we let them stay and I sat in front of Jake. Izzy and Jeff sat together. They gave me a free drink to compensate, sold - free drink AND I get to sit by myself!! The flight home was much more crowded than the way down, but everything was on time and pretty uneventful. We landed in Washington DC around 8:30 and had to go through customs. This process took a really long time. First we had to scan our passports then a border agent stamped us in. After getting check back into the states we had to claim our checked bag and put all of the liquids we bought at duty free into our checked bag. After re-checking the bag we had to go back through security. The line was so long and the kids and myself were getting really tired. Just before we got to the check-point Jeff realized he forgot to take out the hot sauce – yup confiscated. We were 0-2 of getting through security this round.

Finally we made it to our gate and Jeff and Jake went to get us some pizza. We had just enough time to eat and then they were boarding. The flight home was booked so it wasn’t as comfortable. Izzy slept the whole way home on the second flight and I was even able to shut my eyes for a bit. We finally made it to Boston just before midnight and boy was it cold. We got our luggage and found the shuttle and made it back to Marblehead around 12:30 AM.

We had a great trip. So many great memories, lots of laughs and good times were spent with old friends, new friends, and family. The island is beautiful, and really knows how to get you to relax. It was a little pricey on the island and I thought it was a little too touristy. I don’t think I would go back but the kids and Jeff felt different. I would recommend the trip though. We weren't able to see a few key things on the island such as Sting Ray City (kids were petrified), Rum Point (much to Jeff's disappointment) and the botanical gardens (only I missed going to this one); however, we were able to get in some much needed R&R, the restaurants were delicious, and many family memories were made, which is exactly what I loved about this island.

Favorite Moments and Biggest Challenges:

Izzy: playing with the dolphins and watching the baby dolphins jump: Best thing I ate - the little blackberry ice cream cones

Jake: snorkeling at the wreck: Best thing I ate was the breakfast pancakes at the Eats cafe

Jeff: the fireworks on 7 mile beach for New Years; Best thing I ate was the breakfast buffet at the Marriott and the salted caramel ice cream

Steph: the fireworks on 7 mile beach for New Years; Best thing I ate the tacos at the sunset grill and the salted caramel ice cream.

Biggest Challenge: How tired Izzy was and how tired it made Mom.


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